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Pre Purchase questions: i try register, login on demo and going Whent try connect to analytic. but get error like this: So, this phpscrip can work and creat analytic dashboard?

There was a problem with domain authentication. Now it works.

Issue installing, how can I email you the details?

Please contact me in private using the form on this page:

SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1215 Cannot add foreign key constraint (SQL: alter table `dl_user_dashboard` add constraint user_dashboard_user_id_foreign foreign key (`user_id`) references `dl_users` (`id`) on delete cascade)

When trying to install. I messaged you and have not heard back.

Are you going to help? It’s been 7 days…

I responded you by email. I see your site up and running. What problem are you finding?

Hi, try to check out the demo but the login ( username: admin / password: pass ) doesn’t seem like valid ?

You better register your own email to prevent someone stealing your api keys.

I too have tried the demo, but couldn’t get anything (twitter, rss feed) to load any actual data. Kept just spinning like it was going to load the data. Any ideas on this?

It’s fixed now.

Can you update to a working demo? Would love to see the site in action.

The demo is up and running. Thanks

Hi, There seems to be an issue with running this dashboard on port 443. Browser complains “https80 is not defined” in vendor.js

Have you solved?

Can you try with the new version?

Hi, Do you have a new version? We need a version with OAuth2. Also your version does not have the google client.

I will upload a new version in a couple of days

Hello, please I need your help

This product is no longer valid and never worked., I have not got my refund for 3 months. Also dont understand how Envato can let this happen.

The new version fixed a lot of bugs. Thanks

I just bought this script but there is not documentation to install, where I can get documenttion?

The documentation is in /public/documentation folder.

1. Can’t you create a simple widget generator? Documentation seems difficult.

2. Can you embed iframe in widgets?

1. You can take a look at simple widget by looking in resources/assets/js/widgets/example. There is a very simple widget.

2. You can embed an iframe

If you have a little angularjs experience it’s really simple to build whatever widget you like.


jamhappy Purchased


We have installed Dashy and configured a number of ‘uptimerobot’ widgets. However none of these widgets return any data.

Equally if i navigate to /admin i get a trace from invalidconfiguration complaining about: “There was no view id specified. You must provide a valid view id to execute querys on Google Analytics.”

Also i had to run on PHP 7+ due to functions used by spatie packages. (not a problem for me, just thought it was useful info)

HI, can you contact me in private? I need to check your installation, Thanks