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When I open a dashboard, wil the graph be auto updated (via ajax?) or does it need to be refreshed.

It will be updated via ajax.

hi, do you have multi user and client management so that i can show different dashboards to each of my client

Yes, is multi client. You can manage unlimited users. Each one have his own personal key. I’ve just released a new version. Check it out

So, each user has to apply for a key? If I understand it correctly Cy fe has its own API keys got from different services (Moz, Google Analytics, etc) and through which it shows data for the users. Do you have something like that?

I don’t have something like that, simply because some service are too expensive and require paid api to retrieve dozen of request per seconds. Also analytics can block you if you made too much requests. That’s why every user should have his own key.

I go to /public/install then i get this error: FatalErrorException Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider::loadRoutesFrom(): Failed opening required


in ServiceProvider.php (line 71)

Hey, could you please help me, i get the following installation error:

(1/1) FatalErrorException

Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider::loadRoutesFrom(): Failed opening required ’/home/webjongens/domains/webjongens.*/public_html/dashboard/vendor/rachidlaasri/laravel-installer/src/Providers/../routes/web.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/local/php70/lib/php’)

in ServiceProvider.php (line 71)

Please send me a private message. Thanks

can this be stripped of menu and navbar? I am looking to install in our current app as a module.

Ok that is great news!! I look forward to your next update thank you.

Do you want integrate this in Laravel app?

we are currently pure php, but we will be migrating to laravel

After install there is just a blank dashboard. documentation files are not helpful because the folder structure does not fit.

Can you please contact me in private?

Hi, can the dashboard pull from excel sheets or a table? Will I be able to create respective dashboards for each user?

Can you explain your requirements? The app is multi-user


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google adword and Instagram?

Not at the moment.


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Hi, I’m having trouble with the installation. In the documentation you show some things like “APP_KEY=HE8C3×6bs783or2nKTtLzQFgVjgKK1G” and it is no longer there, it now says “APP_KEY=base64:o2gdxnIQiFwZRp6n08eKkvtBC48Q026bsutSi011GwA=” that is now base64, then there is the “APP_URL=http://localhost" I will install it here: “” I already put it there, then I create the database but it asks me for a port which I don’t know what to put since several systems don’t ask me for a port, now in the third section about google oauth settings you don’t mention if I should create the API first or where I create the credential because I know that first I should create the API, I’m confused, then you put an url: “” where do you get that route? you also talk about config.php where is that? at the end you say: “http://YOUR_PATH/install” install that folder does not exist.

I don’t have any knowledge of laravel but I have still installed several scritps developed on that system and I have not been asked for so much installation process, please you should have an installation video updated to your latest version.

Could you please help me?

Thank you.

SOrry, I was on vacation. Check your email.


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please answer me the emails, I’ve been waiting a long time, it does not work at all and has many bugs.


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Please check email.

Can I roll this out to multiple ad agency clients

Can you give me more details? thanks


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Hi, is it possible to upload a cvs file to create a report?

This needs a custom widget creation. You can contact me in private. Thanks

can this be stripped of menu and navbar? I am looking to install in our current app as a module.?? when will you release this version pls.

I have completely refactored. Please contact me in private to give me more details. Thanks

Hello, Interested in using your app as a dashboard for our app. and was wondering when will the next update be coming out?

Hi, new version is ready, I have uploadeed file, but envato hasn’t appproved yet. New version is developed as a laravel package, so if your app is built on top of Laravel the integrations is really easy.

understood. can you send a change log of the new version? did you add more widgets?

can you send list of features for new version?

just curious if there are any new features

it already meets our requirements. Waiting for you new version. to see if there are any new features.

We are working on implementing youtube api, facebook api and also excel data (most difficult)

was new version approved?

Unfortunately no. I have already asked why, but the reply was very cryptic.

can i contact you via email… Interested in discussing your new version

Sure, please send me a private message.