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what’s the story with the plugin? it is still being supported? none of the dashboards I create are saved, so I have to recreate them each time. But that doesn’t matter since I can only get the widget for UpTime Robot to actually work. Please provide a status so I can decide whether or not to purchase more support. Based on the comments and lack of response, the plugin seems to have been abandoned. Please advise, thanks.

why is this product still on the marketplace if a) it does’t work and b) is no longer supported?

I need to have my buddpress members see their own individual profile analytics/stats/visits from their individual profile, like a “My Profile Analytics Tab” on their profile and when they click on it they can see stats showing how many individual visits came to their profile on whatever day and if possible along with what the visitor did. Can this do what i need? .... Help me “Developer person” your my only hope

Yes this is possible if you let every user install their own analytics code. I don’t know much about buddypress.

Tried this plugin on 3 different installs and would not work. Please refund my purchase.

Please can you provide more info? I’d like to solve your problem. Please contact me in private. Thanks

Hi, can the dashboard pull from excel sheets or a table? Will I be able to create respective dashboards for each user?


linea33 Purchased

I get no data from API, are support still available?