Dash - Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Navbar

Dash - Responsive Bootstrap Dashboard Navbar

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Dash is responsive Bootstrap dashboard navbar / menu. This item has two navbars, one for top and the other for left. The mobile swipe feature has been added for mobile devices. It is a;so codes in LESS and you can customize it more easily. With power of LESS you can change only one color variables and auto generate a new color palette.

Having a side menu gives you a lot of space to easily categorize you links and make them easily accessible.


  • Botstrap 3
  • Responsive
  • Dashboard style
  • Mobile friendly with swipe feature
  • Both default Bootstrap icons and font awesome
  • Coded in HTML5 and LESS for CSS
  • 30+ LESS varibales to create your own skin
  • Two effects: push and overlay
  • Changelog

    # Version 1.7 
      + Fixed light color scheme - dash-light.css
    # Version 1.6 
      + Fixed content scroll issue when left navbar is open. 
      + Click on content to collapse the left navbar feature added. 
      + Optional auto collapse left navbar dropdowns (uncomment it from dash.js, deactivated on default)
    # Version 1.5 
      + Fixed highlight / select content text issue 
      + Improved scroll functionality when navbar is opened 
      + Seperate navbar scroll from content scroll 
      + Auto hide navbar if one of the navbars opens 
      - main-wrap div removed
    # Version 1.4 
      + New skin added, now dark and light 
      + New version added, now visible and hidden 
      + Added tons of varibales for customization in LESS 
      + Optimized LESS codes + Fixed left navbar issue for less links
      + Added some tips in sread of dummy content 
      - Darken effect removed
    # Version 1.3
      + Content z-index fixed, now links works well. 
        Only CSS(styles.less, styles.css) files changed.
    # Version 1.2
      + Submenu for left navbar added.
      + Top navbar links added.
    # Version 1.1
      + Active status for top and left navbar added.
      + Some new variables has been added to variables-custom.less
      + 2 new effects added, 4 effects all in all.
      + Improvd and optimized scripts.js 
      + Now you can change effect from content-wrap div with data attribute. 
    # Version 1.0
      + Initial release