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Hi, how do I change the breakpoints? I want the toggle to appear at a higher resolution than the default setting.


I’m using visible push.

Ok, please send me an message through my profile page so I can send you the customized codes later

Hi, have you had a chance to write the custom code for me? Thanks.

can i use this on wordpress?


It is HTML, a developer can implement it into a WordPress theme.


Is possible fix position topbar on scroll page ?

Missing navbar-fixed-top ! Your code navbar-static-top

Hi, I ‘ve already decided that the top bar setting , but for the lateral menu also locks ? I mention this so that it looks fixed mobile

Hi, is there a way to set the left column menu dropdown stay open on an active menu based on URL? That is, if I click on a sub level link of the left menu, on the next screen the parent menu of that sub link stays open so that user knows what section he’s under. This is a common function for dropdown menus. Thank you.

It looks like the author is on vacation and not tending this comment forum. I can see the previous posts having no response since 20 days ago. Service is part of product rating.

@fluxismedia I’ve given up on support. The author promised to write some code for me but never did. I’ve also raised a possible bug but he hasn’t got back to me.

Hello. it,s great nav. Useful just bootstrap grid?

Is it possible to search/filter the nav points over a inputfield?

I can’t seem to figure out how to turn on, “Click on content to collapse the left navbar feature added.” – Any help is appreciated.

Sorry, as I looked at the code more I realized I need the class, “content-wrap” to be in my code. Thank you.