Darts: 301 & 501

Darts: 301 & 501

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Are You the Best Playing Darts in the Room? Show It!

Have Fun and Beat Your Opponents!

Enter this Irish Pub and play Darts against 3 challenging bots (3 AI difficulty levels). You can also play with a real friend in Local Multiplayer! Games included are 301 and 501.

Game Rules: The initial score is either 301 or 501. First to reach zero, wins! Every turn each player throws 3 darts and substracts points. The inner ring in a number gives TRIPLE scoring and the outter ring gives DOUBLE points. BUT: the last dart must hit exactly a “Double” to win! Ie: if your final score is 18, you need to hit a Double 9 to win the game. Negative score “Busts” and you lose your turn!

NOTE: This is a Premium Game, with 250+ events. To edit the game file you will need a Construct 2 license.

What Do You Get?

  • All the HTML5 files you need to copy to your website together in a folder. With clear instructions to help you upload it today!
  • Images, Music & Sound FX of the game
  • Construct 2 Source Code, so you can edit the game as you want
  • Clean & ordered code, so you can follow what is happening
  • A PHP file & preview image to help you share the game on Facebook
  • Buttons ready to share to Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp
  • AdMob Ads ready so you can show ads and make money
  • Different size game icons: 256, 128, 64, 32, 16
  • 21-page Documentation PDF explaining How-To’s and FAQs
  • My personal help to solve your questions, comments and help you about the file!


  • HTML5 game (for PC browsers and/or mobile)
  • High Definiton (720×1280)
  • Earn Money with Ads! – AdMob Ready
  • Easy to Play – One Touch Control
  • Replayable Gameplay
  • Saves Settings
  • Buttons to Easily Share on Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp…
  • Export to all Platforms (PC, Mobile, Android, iOS, tablet, Facebook, etc.)
  • Adapts to fit any Device Screen Size – Responsive
  • Easy to Customize – Includes Construct 2 code (.capx & all source)
  • Reskin with your own Graphics! Files Includes all Images and Sound FX
  • Compatible with Construct 3
  • Contact me for Questions, Comments or Help!

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Duque Karl

PS: Send your comments and suggestions, they are all welcome! I am glad to listen and help!