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Does it work on VS2008 ?

There’s no reason it shouldn’t. The only reason I have it marked as using .NET 4.0 is due to the fact that I included the DLL and Demo program compiled in 4.0. You can always import the source code and use that instead, plus, you won’t need to lug around that DLL when using the source version. However, if for some reason it doesn’t, give me a holler; I’ll make sure it does.

It does not work on VS2008 as a reference. Lots and lots of compilation errors if I add the .vb file and try to build.

It also does not work on VS2010 Express! Adding it as reference and rebuilding the project does not make the component appear in the toolbar.

If I add the .vb file and try to build, I get the following 2 errors:

Error 1 “Public Overrides ReadOnly Property BackColor As System.Drawing.Color cannot override Public Overridable Property BackColor As System.Drawing.Color because they differ by ReadOnly or WriteOnly”—Line 404

Error 2 ‘Public Overrides ReadOnly Property BackColor As System.Drawing.Color’ cannot override ‘Public Overridable Property BackColor As System.Drawing.Color’ because they differ by ‘ReadOnly’ or ‘WriteOnly’. —Line 428

Could you release an update so that it ’s at least compatible with VS2010 Express?

Thanks :)

I fixed it, I ‘m posting it in case anyone needs it.

Remove the respective ReadOnly property and add a setter method:

Set(ByVal value As Color)
End Set


It seems that it is not working with VS2010 and VS2012 in C#. I have strange behaviours with the buttons. Can you please check?

Thank you :)

Nice work, good luck with sales