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Hi. Just bought the game, but I noticed it have some bugs. When I buy an upgrade on the store, there is no effect (the score doesn’t multiplies and the coins value doen’t increase). Also the buttons does not work on mobile devices.

This is a great HTML5 game, it only needs to have a functional store system. Also would be great if the game has a magnet powerup, since there is a magnet upgrade on store.

hi the coin value is make the coin more create,and the multiplies is add to score already

Is this made using construct 2? Could we port this to the app store?

yes use c2,you can put it on app store add ad.

Hey Corpvs, I just wanted to drop in and say great stuff, man! I got this to play around with and it’s far easier than learning it from scratch!

can u tell me pls what is ur actuall api number ? I have to edit the file “c2” manually and its hard to find ur actual number, cause i have to change it.

Found it.

But how can i change the Facebook massage that will postet to facebook if i click on “The Facebook Button” on the Home screen ?

hi you can change it on the php file,open with txt,can found the massage

do you have demo version on apk? to mobiles?

Why the game in HTML is too slow??, stuff disappear

the game run chrome is fine,because the have many sprite image,so is little slow,mobi version is normal

i’m yet to purchase the game but I wanted to ask whether the game includes in-app purchases, I want to build a game with that feature

hi ,you can use the construct2 in-app purchases system,can use on ios and anroid

Hi, great game !

I’m missing clay.io advertisement, can’t edit my own leaderboards using c2… Darkrun1.0_AD cannot be opened :-P

Is there a way i can create leaderboards with or without it ?

Thanks for answering, great job !

hi if you want make the leaderboards,Need your own server,or put game to google play,or ios store,The latter can be added directly

i want to buy this game but first i want to ask if this game can be compiled and used to create a new one game on Android

hi Of course

Hi, Does this game keep any record of score(leadedboard) ? Thanks

hi yes,the game have the best score offline save

Hi, what font does this game use in Photoshop?

hi is hanyiluobotijian.ttf,thank you

How do I replace a sprite sheet with one created by me?

you can just change the image,in html5 image folder,need same size image