Discussion on Dao widget - Governance and proposals for your crypto token

Discussion on Dao widget - Governance and proposals for your crypto token

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is it a Dapp – i mean, is there a mining contract on backend? What is sending rewards? A contract or this plugin?

Hello, no, the DAO widget based on off chain DAO system… There is no any contracts. You need to set only ERC20-like token info.

Pre-buy question please: When you said that ERC-20 users can vote without paying gas fees did they need to switch networks in their metamask from ETH mainnet to BSC or polygon (Like in your demo) or it will work with the original ETH mainnet? Also I saw that you are using your domain onout.eth what if I want using my own eth domain ? Will I need to setup as you did “” ? Will you provide help and guide to do it? Also can I create my own space in snapshot and use it instead of yours? finally can I use my own Alchemy api key and ? If yes will you help?? At the end I would like to be 100% independant and not use your space and API. Thank you

Where did you find the source code??

This is our own development. As you can see, this guy uses our demo page on the product screenshot… And please remove the link to the replica of our product…

We asked to remove our product from his product list, he will remove it shortly.

greetings we have purchased your product and want to understand if you offer hosting services as well? Please reach out to

Hello, we have not provide installation service. Please use our knowledge base to understand how to launch the DAO –

Will this work in an iframe?

We didn’t test it. We will try and let you know. But it’s better to write in the support so we don’t miss your question: or

can this dao work with NFT items? if a developer wants to create a DAO for their NFT project, can they use this? or would they still have to deploy their own ERC-20 token? Or can they use MATIC, BNB or ETH as the preferred token of participation?

this plugin has support only erc20-like tokens at the moment, but if works with NFT items, it is possible to upgrade this plugin, please use to contact us, it is primary way to support

hi can we allow only selected account to post proposals ?

Hello, not at the moment, but I think it can be implemented, you can write to our to sponsor it.

I need to know right away. Why does the proposal show as pending? How to I make it active?

It shows pending do I need to put as active or anything? Also I am unable to vote. I tried different wallets and there is now way to vote. Please let me know.

can you write more information (time, screens) to Maybe there is some problem with connection. Do you have enough tokens for voting for the selected wallet?

I sent a email please check it is urgent

Hello do you help with customizing my website? If so how much would it cost?

Hello, we aren’t provide personal customization…

What is this useful for?

For projects that want to give their users the opportunity, together with the project team, to determine the future of the project through voting in proposals

any possibility to make this as a DAO generator? example: User visit website, creates an account (Web2) and then proceed to deploy DAO Web3 contracts through the platform?

Hello, at this moment we don’t planing implement it…

Does this source code includes the Solidity code for the Smart contract?

Hello, at this moment we provide only offchain governance based on snapshot api…

I was going to buy it a week ago when it was $300 then I saw it was $400 last night and now it’s $499. Is next week going to be $800 or $1000?

Also a week ago I asked a question via email that never got answered

Hello, here we provide primary support… for full technical and managerial support write to our telegram bot

Great work, Good luck with sale!! ☺️

Can you add compatibility for other blockchain? It is also evm

send the link to an explorer of this blockchain

sorry to say stupid thing


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