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Perfect Script! Let me know if new updates are coming… I really want to buy it.

Ok gfellype :)

but unable to login to the admin account

The latest versión have an Issue to access to the admin area, keeps loading, and never let me in, or create a new user

Hi meikatun,

Kindly check your email.


This seems like a good script. So sad the project is out of steam :(

Welcome to Life Brother :) Thanks webmercials!

Facebook Login does not work :(

Please check that FB made security changes in March 2018. Strict Mode has been set automatically, so you need to implement SSL or update your settings in the FB App.

Provide exact handler URL to your script. Otherwise FB login will not work

Hi webmercials,

Yes it is already configured with the right domain. But facebook started to put apps under review and may be the SSL will be a must. and it says it should be attached to a business account. Facebook takes privacy seriously nowadays :)


Same problem :( FB login says “Can’t Load URL: The domain of this URL isn’t included in the app’s domains. To be able to load this URL, add all domains and subdomains of your app to the App Domains field in your app settings.”

I wish you fixed that FB Login and allowed admin to enter App Secret Key in the admin panel for FB / Google and Twitter login.

I also wish the landing page was not a snippet form :(