Dalite - Premium App to Date, Chat, & Meet People

Dalite - Premium App to Date, Chat, & Meet People

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Dalite is a premium dating App you need to get started your own business. It’s include People near with locations, Encounters, It’s a match, Credits system, Machine Learning, Admob, Realtime Chat, Premium features, Gift system in-app purchases, In-app subscriptions, Push notifications and more…

Pre-sales questions

WhatsApp +33614778601

Online Documentation

Android Documentation: Docs here
Admin Documentation: Docs here

Demo App

Download in Google Play Store Install here
username: Create your own account
password: Create your own account

Current Admin Panel v1.0.0
Check out the Demo Admin Panel
username: admin
password: 123456

Main features (Android)

  • ML Kit and AI: Uses Machine Learning to match user’s pose for photo verification
  • Photo check ML: Verify and meet photo conditions before upload (Animals, human, 1 person in photo) Opcional
  • Manually verify photos: Use the admin panel to manually approve or decline user’s photos.
  • Login with Facebook, Phone number and Google Account
  • Login with Email or username
  • Password recovery and reset system
  • People Nearby: See people nearby and location badge for very new people including real distance
  • Filters & Location filter: Filter type of people you want to see, online, age, location etc…
  • Quick profile and Message: Type to see near user profile and like, dislike or message action
  • Profile compatibility: Scroll down to see user’s profile info, and all compatible preferences will be in Primary color
  • Encounters Game: Swap left or Right depending on your choice if you like or not the user..
  • It’s a Match: User can like users and if both liked each and other, then it’s a match
  • Realtime Chat: Users can chat in realtime including messages status (sending, sent and seen)
  • Chat Emoji: Send native and twitter emoji builded in chat
  • Chat images:Users can send images from gallery or camera directly in Chat bottom panel
  • Online, offline, last seen, message seen: User status are present in whole app, Nearby, Connections and Chat. Also all messages have status in realtime.
  • Credit System: Users can purchase credits and can use it to buy new features
  • Reward Video (Admob): Users can earn credits by watching Ads video (Google Admob)
  • Premium Features: There are alot of Premium features that user need to subscribe and use it, example: See who liked or favorited you, revert left swap, etc..
  • Popularity System: User can see how popular he/she is, and get improve the popularity by activating features like Move to to, 3x visible, etc…
  • Likes and Favorites System: User can like others not only in Encounter, but i will get Match if other also like him in encounter
  • Connections System: The type of connected: Conversation, Likes, Visits, favorites and Matches in one place
  • Admod Ads: All free users can see ads and can disable with with credits or premium
  • Blocking System: User can block or unblock other anytime
  • Report System: User can report other user’s profile, photos or Live Stream
  • User Profile: User can see own profile and others will see it
  • Multiple Photos Upload: User can upload unlimited photos in profile
  • Multiple Profile Photos: User and others can see all photos in slider
  • Facebook multiple Photos import: User can import multiple photos from his facebook account
  • Instagram multiple photos import: User can import multiple photos from his Instagram account
  • Verification System: User can get verified badge by verifying photo or phone number
  • In-app purchases: User can purchase credits
  • In-app subscriptions: User can subscribe to use premium features for selected period
  • Push notifications: Every action has push notifications (Likes, visits, message, favorites, live stream, etc…)
  • Push Settings: User can choose in Settings witch Push to receive or not.
  • In-app push notifications: If the app is opened, notifications comes directly in the top of the app
  • User Privacy: User can allow or dany to share it’s location or online status
and much more…

Main features (Admin Panel):

  • Modern: Parse dashboard is good but, not easy to use. That’s why we developed this Admin Panel
  • Installations: Installations are all devices that has successfully installed the App, even no user logged.
  • Last signups: We welcome you with 10 latest registered users (new accounts created only)
  • Quick Analytics : Get Quick amount of registrations, users, chat and live streams
  • Connections: See all important data of Visits, Favourite and Follow system
  • Messages: See all info of messages sender, receiver, status, image etc…
  • Encounters: See all info of who liked or not, receiver, status etc…
  • Photo verification: Manually approve or decline user’s photos
  • Payments Logs: See all payments records, who paid, package, etc…
  • Report: Check and resolve reports, and see all informations.
For advanced Admin features, please use Parse Dashboard


Parse Server Backend (Back4app or Self-hosted)
Android Studio (IDE for development)

Extra Services:


Version 1.0.1 - 24/05/2021
- Fixed crashing when internet not available for 30 seconds or more 
- Fixed crashing in Nearby and Encounters related to location
- Fixed login with phone number when account was verified with phone
- Fixed apply button in Nearby Filter page
- Fixed Crash on Login with Gmail
- Fixed Crash on Encounters 3 dots option
- Improved buttons size and design
- Improved payments section for PayPal and Flutterwave
- Improved infinite loading when login with gmail
- Updated filter button in Nearby and Encounters
- Updated and improved more 12 little bugs

Version 1.0.0 - 21/05/2021
- Initial release