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Very NICE. When viewing the demo, and get to the bottom, no way to get to the top or see the menu. Can you add a button to go to the TOP or open the Sliding Left Menu? WISH you lots of success.

Hello and thank you! This can be done by various ways: 1) Swipe to the left to see the sidebar 2) Add “back to top” button 3) Add “open sidebar” button to fixed footer 4) Fixed header

All of 4 options are 100% compatible and very easy to do. For example you can make fixed header just by adding “position=fixed” into header.

Hey, Can this template import RSS feeds?

Hello, if you use PHP for fetching them then yes.

Awesome work! I need RSS feeder so can you include an RSS feed external example? For example if i have a feed like: http://feeds2.feedburner.com/techradar/allnews how can i include in a kind of “news” section of your template? Thanks a lot!

Thank you. Basically what you want is some kind of RSS fetch plugin that will convert RSS into HTML and use it in my template.

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Can it do Push Notifications?


Daisy doesn¨t have implemented push notifications but this can be done by 3rd party solution.


Hello, php script in contact.html appear and it didn’t work. Any idea ? Thank

Hello, try to rename it to contact.php and make sure you are running it on localhost with PHP.


Hello, is there a working remote content grabber (REST/ajax) already included or should i build it myself. Would be a nice extra

Hello, unfortunately there is no content grabber in default.


Is it also possible to have the panel inside the content for multi-page app use?

There is nice article in jQM docs about this (http://demos.jquerymobile.com/1.4.5/panel/) and if you scroll down to “panels outside pages” I think that is the markup you are looking for.

thanks! i forgot ti init the panel. thanks!

No poblem :)

Hi I loosed menu format when I put the header panel outside the page data_role . can you please advise Thanks

in fact I would like to share side by with all other inner page , any assistance with that ?

I don’t understand what you mean by that

it is ok, I will change the template. yours can not work with my project ….

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

Thank you!

Very good work. Are you going to continue making updates?

Hello, thank you.

I’m trying my best to keep all my files up to date :-)


Does your app already have inapp browser setup

Unfortunetaly no.

can I build a Real Time School Bus Tracking System from this?

If you have the necessary scripts then it shouldnt be a problem.