Discussion on Daily Jokes & Memes Android App (Comedy, Funny, Joke, Memes) + Admob & Fb Ads

Discussion on Daily Jokes & Memes Android App (Comedy, Funny, Joke, Memes) + Admob & Fb Ads

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I was looking forward to purchase the script. But watching all the comments I changed my mind. AFter sales service is the main things in Code canyon.

Unable to load class ‘javax.xml.bind.JAXBException’.

This is an unexpected error. Please file a bug containing the idea.log file.

am getting this error when i try to build

There is no network_security_config.xml file. Please let me know how to find it?

Also, After setting up the admin panel when i enter the username and password, it shows error 404 page not found. Please fix it ASAP.

Please mail us on, we will get back to you.

Already mailed you thrice. but no reply.

On the Old version of app, the scrolling of MEMES is not working. it doesnt automatically load the next memes.

Can we use firebase as a backend?

it support facebook ads new policy? Bidding Integration – Audience Network

Not Now

Firebase backend?

works with firebase or not?

Only backend code, firebase is for push notification only

Hello, In manual I see “Also Replace your url in app\src\main\res\xml\network_security_config.xml” but your archive hasen’t network_security_config.xml Please check. How I can get support from you? I sent email to but nobody answered

You will get reply soon.. please wait for tomorrow due to covid some issues we are facing.

I sent you a couple of emails 3 days ago about how the first 6 memes get repeated on the “Memes” screen. Haven’t got a reply. How to fix it? Thanks.

Due to covid we are not able to work. Will get back to work asap. Sorry for delay

Are you working yet? I’m not able to publish the app because of this. If you can’t fix it, I will ask for a refund. Thank you.

The height gets cut off at the top for long jokes. See here:

Please provide fix. Thank you.

I’ve emailed you a couple of days ago and still haven’t received a reply.

You will get reply soon, due to festival 3 days holidays were here, So no one available for technical support. From tomorrow everyone will get back to work. Sorry for the delay.

I don’t want Facebook ads, only Admob. What should I do? Since I can see you’re calling function showfbads in Favorite for e.g. Thanks.

Please mail us on, Comment section is not for technical help.

Hi. I’m an experienced web developer. When I uploaded the web version, after creating database and changing baseurl values etc, I got a 500 (internal server error) error when accessing the url.

Please provide the fix instead of saying what we already know – that this is an internal server error! Many others are facing the same error. So please help. Otherwise, I would like a refund. Thank you.

Hi, Please mail us on, our team will support you

Hi I did everything correctly as describe in the documentation file but when I try to login to the admin panel it gives me the 404 error page not found

Please check your mail.

Hi CodingDunia! Is there any bulk upload option for pictures/messages at the backend?

Does it also support GIFs or vedios?

No there is no feature for bulk uploading and gif and videos are not supported

you added demo admins file in source code edit delete not working

Hi I’m interested to purchase this app, I have tested demo app, I have few questions 1.when I’m sharing a meme into whatsapp it’s getting only an image, not getting url application. 2.there is no search bar for search memes & jokes. 3.for jokes sharing it’s directly sharing via text can u make it as image? 4. Can I host this app in Firebase or any shared hosting.

I hope get reply asap. Thank You.

We have mailed you

How can I change the download names? I give them a different name but when I download the images I get meme33, meme35, meme26 I want to change that one “meme” · for another


Message sent, waiting to be answered

Hi Dear Bro, i am getting follwing issues in my app

1. In small screen mobile sidebar not showing full or you can say not scrolling to see full menu in navigation bar.

2. I am unable to share the jokes on facebook.

please help me to solve these above two problem. Thank You.

HII please reply mail i am waiting from last 3 days.. please

hey dear please resolve my problem i am waiting for your message from last 8 days.

Sorry for delay, we will solve your issue on this Sunday

Demo admin panel is not working

I Just checked it is working very well. what is not working for u?

This app. Where does it get jokes? Do we have to add the jokes all the time. Or it gets from different sources

this will be added from Admin side, you need hosting for this


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