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Hi Natuan

Nice app, nice colors, nice graphics. Nice to see the server code :)


Where does the Daily Info come from ?


I’ve server code, get info from another website :)

Everything in document :)

When you say included PSD File – you should have said, PSD File of the Default Page and Icon – what about all the other images ? they are only PNG.

Misled again.

Check in PSD folder

Been there – where are the odd files for the images ? They are all ping except default and icon.

This is image, you can search in google. I dont have source of this.

Even there is a internet it gives an errror that check your internet connection.

Hi, in line 27. Delete “http://”

Thanks it works well

Thank you.

Don’t work without internet ? No standalone ?

give me your email, i’ll send server code of french to you via email.

Check your inbox.

I was looking at adding this to the App store, but got two major warmings:

Your App contains non-public APIs – not sure what they are, so need an update.

Apps are not permitted to access the UDID.

Any help and support to get rid of these would be appreciated.


Can you show me apple feedback?

Email with screenshot sent

waiting for update with more language and fix bug :)

Submitting to app store is working now ?

you can submit to app store.

The updated files and old ones are some or i cant see thee differences ?

new version support more language. You can see in php file and document,

so you just update the php file ?

i must update all

Seems difficult to have some support… One time I must give my email address, next time I can’t have support with this address… I need some explanations about the .PHP file… Is it possible to made this file local ? Where is this file ? On a free PHP server ? Have you any agreement with telemaque horoscope server to use their data ?

i can use it or not. That’s ok for u?

If there is no data coming from telemaque your app don’t work… It’s just like a front end for data you don’t own (if you don’t have any agreement).

you can use it or not. i dont care.

Can we edit the design of this app?

Yes, we can.


Would you give me the code that is used in the call http://i.m.telemaque.fr/ws_pub/ihoroscope.php....

I do not want to depend on anyone to get the information.

Thanks for your Work !

This isn’t mine. I clone data from telemaque.

Hi natuan

5 stars for great service !


Thank you!

Vote 5 stars to me in http://codecanyon.net/user/natuan.
Thank you!

are you gonna have a ios 7 update soon?

i want android version is it possible???

Hi, is the feed still updated on a daily basis and if yes is there a limit of requests?

API stop responding. Please advice. My app get crash on selecting any option.

Hi Natuan The following link is not working .It is showing null response. Please check this http://i.m.telemaque.fr/ws_pub/ihoroscope.php?output=json&sign_id=0&type=2&today=2017-06-09&lang=en