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Nice work, good luck with sales – DCSF

Thank you :)

Hey does it fetch the data from? can horoscopes be translated to different language? my language us Russian. Thanks

It fetches data in String (JSON) formate. You can’t convert it to Russian language.

Thank you :)

Does this api support hindi language

It does not support Hindi language.

Where does the JSON Data come from ?
Should we manually update ?
Need server ?

In my above comment, I mentioned you don’t need any admin panel or server.

I understand that the admin and API is managed by you and we don not require.
But I wanted to customise with my “own text” and add little more informations on the zodiac details.
that is the reason I ask for the admin panel too. SO I can host it on my server and edit the text as per my needs!

No dear I don’t manage server panel etc. I used Github Api’s. We can’t change/insert/update any text.

i want to add my own data , in this app . how i will be able to use that in that context

what data do you want to put in this app?

i want to put Horoscope only , but from my own api

Sir you can’t put your own api because I wrote code and programm it according to current api settings.

hi, this is app horoscope where is data write how? bot or ?

It fetches data from API’s and display it on app.


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dose the API support arabic ?

No, It does not support Arabic.


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from where i can change the app background color i changed the color but it doesn’t changed anything

Please read documentation. Go to res->colors.xml there you can change colors.


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How do I change the font in this app? don’t appears: don\u2019t It seems like the font doesn’t support that Unicode char

i am looking at this problem. i will fix it and update it


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Bug fixed and soon you will get notification. Please do follow my profile to get updates and other news.

hey! i have problem this is http://prntscr.com/ds8jpm pls fix it!

Bug fixed and soon you will get notification. Please do follow my profile to get updates and other news.

i dont understant what copy ? update coming?

I have submitted update. Codecayone will review it and update it within 1-2 days. I can send you files in skype if you need it urgent. id: malik.qasim.ali1

Thanks :)


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How can i localize this app? Is the heroku horoscope api belong to you? I need to deploy my own app to get the api in my localize language. Is that possible?

Yes I will keep updating and adding new features. I will try to make it offline. Thanks for suggestions. Please do follow my profile for updates :)


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Please update share function, that’s would be great

sure sir. In next update I will try to add this feature.

eclipse project ?


What languages does the app support? Turkish language?

No, its only support English

Which language this api support ?? Only English ??? You have french languages api

It only supports English.

If I buy it, i am not in control of the Server backend. So what will happen if the Server backend change its code, or report the app to GooglePlay?

if backend change, I will rewrite code and update the app.

Who pay for the hosting? What if the owner of the backend remove it from the server?...

Sir its on github. It will not go down.

this is not server this is json file you hosted in github and row it .. can i see this file please ?

i didn’t host it. I used 3rd party API.

you sell source code but dont let us control it !!!?

Dear we mentioned in description you don’t need any server side.

There should be a ‘back’ button after the user choose zodiac

Thank you for suggestion.