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Hello, I just sent you a email this morning and was wondering if you recieved it so we can get my script running. I sent it to this Thanks. Viper

I didn’t received your skype request, plz re check.

well I have your addy listed. in fact I have 2 of them: malik asif 8500 amd masif85 and it says contact request sent. And I just resent it again. What about my email have you received that?

Hello Sir I installed skype and typed in your addy: m.saif.85 and malik asif 8500 and masif85 LOL and been waiting but no reply’s, I sent a IM and tried calling but no luck either. So I will tell you what is going on right now with this script.

Ok this is what i did. First off, there is no folder named “app” so I uploaded the folder named “budget” to my server root. And then I rewrote the .htaccess with all these and changed to and the 404 files are being read. I tested it. Then I made a folder in myPhpAdmin named homebudget and then I imported the sql in the database folder of your file to my database and it loaded fine with no issues. And then I opened my server and went to the budget/includes/connection.php folder and set my connection data to

$username = “root”; $password = “stardust”; $dbname = “homebudget”;

but I left everything else as it was. And then I went to my browser and typed in and the login window came up but there is no loging in no matter what I change or try. It dident work with your default login data so I went into the database and created another and still no access. Im not sure if it is reading the database or not but I know I have the access data right because I have over 25 programs in there that uses the same user name and password. I tried changeing the $servername = “”; in the connection.php to $servername = “”; That dident work Im not sure about the top settings. You instructions dont say for anything else to edit and it still dont hook up. I am stuck and need help You can contact me @ or NOW with that skype thingy ma bob under Viper Scofield I cant wait to get that thing off my machine because it is crowding up my C drive. I have my machine setup so ONLY the O.S. in on C drive and my programs is on another drive but SKYPE dident ask what drive to install on it just went to C with its 100MB file. I really need to get this thing running because it can possibly save me a lot of time if I get it set up right.


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Hello Sir, I really need your help again. I cant seem to add anything to this script nowhere on it, The only way i was able to delet the demo users was in the database. and now I can even add a user. I can log on now but that is all I can do period. Please help with this issue.

just send me your login link and also ftp details , I will fix it for you. I sent you the reply few days before on skype but you didn’t reply. I will wait for you.