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Hello dear

It`s easily change the language to another language?

Is there a permanent support at any time?

Yes you can change any language and also support is permanent .Thanks

Where does it show interstitial ads

But in which activity ?

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Got it , Thank you . :)

Thank you

Please tell me asap how to activate the interstitial it does not show

Mail sent.. Thanks

I didn’t receive your email please send again

Again sent please check

hello i want change name of exercise like Basic Crunches in another language but i don’t knew

Please mail me I will guide you. Thanks

I found difficult to find pictures for the reskin (the player who is dressed in green) ... is that change the color of clothing the little google play player post my account ???

Hi please mail me

? I found difficult to find pictures for the reskin (the player who is dressed in green) help me please

Please E mail me I will discuss there

did the file include A PDF about all what i have to change in the app and the places of this ?

There is one folder name documentation in that folder all details availble.if you still does not get please mail me. Thanks

If I buy this app, will you send project file to me ? I need to change some features

If you buy. Codecanyon gives you rights to download full code

Hi, can we have it in Android studio?

Yes for more info please mail me. Thanks

where i can find your email? can i import the project in Android studio or it will not work unless you do?

Email is gkcrop5@gmail.com and no at now you cant import project in Android Studio

Interstitial does not show, what is the solution?

Please mail me via profile I will sloved there. Thanks

Hello. I want to buy this. Will you teach me how to upload this in Google Play Store?

Yes sure

I don’t know anythings about coding. i can provide you the image and you just change everythings for me. samlimapp@gmail.com


admob banner and interstitial ?

Yes both of

Hello and are u do you have this app 10 daily exercices

how to reskin the game and how to add exercises

Hi, please mail me we dicuss there. Thanks

hi before i buy can i have it in android studio as i m not familiar with eclipse.? also can i add more exercises bymyself ?


helllo i sent yu mail as well.i tried to migrate manually to android studio but i get many mistakes.now i made progress only one sentence i get mistake and it is : here it is in mainactivity and it says Error:(54, 5) error: method does not override or implement a method from a supertype

public void onClick(View v) {
    // TODO Auto-generated method stub
    int j = Integer.parseInt(String.valueOf(editTextNumber.getText()));
    int i = j;
    if (v == btnPlus)
        i = j;
        if (j < timeEnd)
            i = j + 1;
    if (v == btnMinus && i > timeStart)

ı could not solve this problemCan you help me?

i erased @overide part and gradle worked fine without problem. But when i run the program it stops without even seeing a page. it is a real device lg g3 any idea?

hello is author there ?

hello i have android studio and your app is in eclipse please provide android studio code because we dont work in eclipse hope you understand thank you

Please provide me your Email.Thanks


Hello i want to buy your source code “daily ab exercise” , can i use it many times or once. Thanks

yes what, did you mean i can export from it many apps

Yes you can do it

hello i wrote you before but no answer. Can you update it in android studio instead eclipse ?


Oh please sent email again. Thanks

Hello author, i want to buy this app, but, can i use this source code on Android Studio or not?

Sir, i sent you email for provide this app into Android Studio project. and i have no email response from you. I hope you’ll reply my message. Thanks

Please send this project to enabayupratama@gmail.com

Dear I was sent two time in that Email Id please check properly. Thanks

hello sir i m stuck one question here.i opened it in android studio and working on it for a longtime for graphics.here my problem i could not solve.if any clue helps me i will be thankful.; when i press a particular exercise to open,at the first time,image moves so quickly (some miliseconds) and then keep doing normal exercise moves. i could not solve this problem ;)


is it because it has different gradles ?

Hi please sent apk via email so I will check it. Thank you