Discussion on Dab News Slider

Discussion on Dab News Slider

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Dear Sir, I already purchase the Dab News Slider, I do not understand how to Implement the code on my website. If you want the login details of the same, I will provide you.

Best regards J. Acharya 8617635050 / 7063248224

It is very urgent for me….

Hello How to integrated in WordPress page ?


I’m interested in this slider and before I buy it I would like to now if there is an option to choose which post to publish and which not, because I don’t want to publish all of the posts on my wordpress website.

thank you


Is there a way to edit the sliding value of the navigation?

(Exemple my navigation width is 550px but i still think my navigation width is 900px)

Because of that it doesn’t slide even if i have 1 element outside the navigation bar :S


hi there – love the script, it works well, I see above someone has already asked but the reply is not showing – I would like to disable the bottom reature completely so just the top elements showing. Can you help please.

hi there, Thank u for appreciation.Actually at the time of development I didnt realize the need of this functionality.So at the moment there is no plug n play method for that. But if you are bit aware of the mootools,javascript then please checkout the script.There you will find the two events named “mouseover” and “mouseout”. Just put this.options.autoslide==0 in mouseover and this.options.autoslide==1 in mouseout.If it is not gonna work for you then tell me i will send you a working version for that.

your script is great! but I need a little modification. How to make slides did not change when the mouse hovers over navContainer? Thanx!

Hi there … Great file thanks! Could you tell me how I can stop the slider after a certain number of rotations or certain minutes? Thnx.


Can you have the individual dabnews_inner_nav elements within the navContainer link to outside links?

for example;
<a href="" title="Navigate to  ::Google " class="dabnews_navLink">
<span class="slider_nav_intro">Google</span>
<span class="slide_img" style="background:url(images/news/logo.jpg) no-repeat center ;"></span>

but this doesn’t seem to work.

Please advise, thanks!

Hello! I am interested in using your feature. However, I have never used JQuery. Do I need to install anything on my computer before I can add it to my site and begin manipulating your code for my needs? For example, I read that you need to first run wpilauncher.exe or WebPI. Is this accurate? Or could I just use Dreamweaver to make any basic modifications and add to my site. Thanks!! -Joe

Hi,there is no need of anything else.ya you just need dreamweaver for the can put the whole code as it is to work on your website

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Does each slide have a hashtag so that I can link directly to specific slides?

This is great. I have one question: is it possible not have the bottom thumbnails scroll automatically but instead to be controlled manually?

there is a property “visibleitems”.set its value equal to the no of slides.I think this will solve your problem.

I’m curious if it’s possible to disable the bottom navigation and just have the rotating slider?

Hi there!

Because of some compatibility issues in my site I had to call your script from an external file, as you can see in the HEAD a script calling “ggslide.js” (that’s you). Is that what you mean? It was the only way I could do it….

Thanks again!

Hi, I bought your slide. But I cannot get it to work. Can you take a look? Thanks!

Hi, first of all thank you for purchasing my prodduct. Now come to the topic, please check out your source,you have not call the slider on load event in head section of your page.Please take a look at demo and make changes.If the problem still persist then tell me.

It seems that my site is using jquery which is not compatible with mootoos, (as I read in a website). So probably there won’t be a solution for me, unless you know how to run both of them together… Let me know. Thanks anyway!

please check your code in the page’s head had not called the slide function.have a look or send me the required files and i will do that for you.


Hello, sorry for the delay.At the moment I suggest u to remove the title attribute from the links.For the proper solution I will catch u later. thanks.

Hello, I just implemented your slider and looks great (, How can i disable the text that follows the news?


You should reset or pause the timer after an user has pressed prev/next. It was irritating when I browsed the samples at my speed to have to press back because it double-switched for me.

Looks very great thogh!

great files ajitsinghit2, will I be able to disable the tooltip feature?

set tooltips:1;


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