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How do I customize the content on this plugin to suit my needs?

Can you please let me know which specific contents you are talking about? as contents are all dummy and some can be changes from plugin and some posts and pages.

I keep getting this error on the “Fundraiser”: tab undrasiers_Table::prepare_items($table_data) should be compatible with WP_List_Table::prepare_items() in /home1/krispmag/public_html/brewshop/wp-content/plugins/cyber-fundraising/includes/admin/class.admin.fundraisers-table.php on line 355. how do I fix this?

I like the plugin

Hi, Can you please send your site detail on info@cybersourcepk.com and We will check it tomorrow.

My purchase code is 9a70cf75-1e1a-4320-a84e-c95f9996a576. This is my third time requesting support on this issue. I can’t configure the Facebook settings for this plug because of the new security measures put in place by Facebook. In order for this plugin to work, I need to put my callback url for this plugin into my apps OAuth settings. I contacted Blue host and they sent me this article to stating that I need my callback url to resolve this issue: https://wp-native-articles.com/blog/news/how-to-fix-facebook-apps-error-cant-load-url-domain-url-isnt-included-apps-domains/. Please give me my callback url so I can configure my app and the plugin’s Facebook settings. My domain is https://alife4alife.org

OK, but when I follow the instructions, I’m getting the same error message that’s in this article. I contacted Bluehost, and they emailed me that article. They tried to configure it on my behalf and got the same error message. I simply need the my callback url for this plugin so I can add it to the app, and then finish configuring the Facebook settings.

Why is it so difficult for you to give me the callback url? If you try configuring this plugin according to your instructions, you’ll see that you’ll get the same error message that’s in the article that I sent you because of the changes Facebook made in developing apps on March 18. I’m really pressed for time. So, please simply give me the callback url so I can finish setting up the plugin. If not, this purchase will be a total waste of my money because I can’t use it.

The detail already sent through email and I did not hear back from you so I hope it solved your issue.

I did not get an answer from the last ticket I submitted My purchase code is 9a70cf75-1e1a-4320-a84e-c95f9996a576. I’m still having issues with the Facebook settings because I don’t have the callback url so I can add it my app. Please. Please, please give me the callback url.

Please follow the following steps and then go to your WordPress Website and click the authorize button.

Navigate to Apps > Settings > Edit settings > Website > Site URL. Set the site url as : https://alife4alife.org Once you create the app, please make sure you have made your app live from App Review option of your App Dashboard else the posts that are auto published from this app won’t be visible to the public.

hi, I need 5 licenses, I saw comments most of the users facing problem in creating a demo, there is no proper documentation also to create a demo. I need Exact demo am using publisher theme. If its possible then I can ready to purchase immediately…

Also, donator no need to signup to donate.. I tried your free version it’s absolutely rubbish….

Hi There, The plugin have the flexibility to customize according to your theme layout.

Using the shortcode [cyber_show_all_projects] you can list all projects. there are many arguments this shortcode support like per page posts, per row posts, limit on content words, show/hide title, content, image etc.

Here you can check further detail about this shortcode http://products.cybersourcepk.com/docs/plugin-customizations/cyber-shortcodes/

Further if you want add custom css class/id to change the look and feel of the home page and single campaign you can check the list of filters given here

http://products.cybersourcepk.com/docs/plugin-customizations/cyber-filters/ For example if you want to add a css class to every campaign on home just put the follow code in your functions.php of your active theme and you will see its result add_filter('cf_single_project_class', 'cyber_callback'); function cyber_callback(){ return 'custom-class'; } Here is the link of the above code http://products.cybersourcepk.com/docs/plugin-customizations/cyber-filters/cf_single_project_class/

I bought the plugin but I do not find the possibility to create custom fields like name, surname etc. are already preset as payment methods if there is a possibility where I find it

The checkout form already have these fields

ok I would like to order the payment fields according to me: paypal, stripe wire as I can do?

Hi I do not have the ability to set the theme fool width in the projects item as per your tutorial

Please send me your site link and login detail at info@cybersourcepk.com and We will take a look on it.

Ok, reinstall the plugin

Thanks your support has been really valuable and effective, last two things if I can, the first and how to delete the written content page, and other written that appear, and the second if you can order payment methods such as paypal, stripe, and bank transfer banking thanks again