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Refund because there is no solution !!!

How well does this integrate with Buddypress? Does Woocommerce allow the vendor/fundraiser to receive funds via Woocommerce? Can the admin take a percentage fee from transactions?

Hello, is there any discount for cyber Monday or black Friday as well for new purchases? we are interested.

Hi, Yes there will be discount on fundraiser at the mentioned days.

cyber Monday from envato

I am very novice to wordpress and I’m not sure how to implement your donation form into a page on a website. I am using brizy. How can I add your form into a page using brizy? Thank You

Hi, You just need to install it like a simple wordpress plugin, if you need further setting you can check that here

Hi there,

I am planning to buy your software for one of my ngo client. link for the same is when we click on donate now. it should open a popup windows which has form data like below link can you pls. confirm below points 1. am i able to add all the fields same as above forms. 2. does your plugin support ccavenue and paypal payment gateway? 3. does it support recurring payment options. Pls. reply asap.

Thanks Dhrupal

Hi, the way you need the form to design can be done if you can customize the css. The ccavenue is not integrated.

Do donors have to register or create an account to donate? I don’t want that.

BTW you are missing a “t” in “DOCUMENTATION” in your main menu on your demo site.

Can be feature for crowdfunding too? Fundraising and crowdfunding at one place?

Hi, I’m interested in your fundraiser plugin as I’m looking at producing a ‘Carbon offset’ charity and therefore need a website that the user can input certain criteria about their carbon footprint.

This measuring element I’m looking at using a cost calculator which you can see here: This calculator will give a value for the user to donate.

Can your plugin work with this plugin to take the defined value and integrate it with al of your plugin features?

Does your plugin send payment/donation emails?

I look forward to you reply.

Many thanks Gav

Hi, I need to ask these;

1) is it possible to use the plugin without a payment method ?

2) is it possible leaving the Currency settings empty (no curreny over the website) ?

3) is it possible to edit fully donor information form ? or using the current loged in user’s details automaticly ?

4) is it possible to restrict “becaome a fundrizer” option, to let only admin to create projects ?

Shortly, we are planing to use this plugin for something else, instead of fundrising.We wanna create projects, and let people to add their works in numbers and complete the project.

Short sample:

Project name: Feed people

Target 10.000 people

Users will login and fill the form as;

(name: it would be much better if its automatic, with the username)



Number of people fed:


And if its possible, we gonna display the projects’ titles in homepage. I guess its not possible to create an endless project and display the live condition ?


Hello, is it possible to add MPGS as a payment gateway ?

Yes, New payment gatway can be added to it but it need custom work.


Bought the Fundraising plugin. Having a hard time creating new campaign. Is it best to start with a demo? When I do that I’m seeing things from the former campaign that I can’t control.

How do place things where I want them? The editor is not showing me how I can build the page to my liking.

How do erase the former demo settings? It’s showing your twitter feed, etc.

If you have a youtube tutorial that would be great.


Hi, You can start by editing demo campaign.

Here is the detail documentation if you need further help.


any idea how this plugin works together with oxygen builder?

Hi! i want to know if campaigns can be displayed as slide or carousel? also, if I can create extra fields that doesn’t come with the plugin. I really want to but it because it seems like the perfect plugin for what I want in my website but would like to solve this doubts before. thanks!!

Hi, Sorry for late response If the carousel you’re going to use support shortcode then yes this plugin can help you. For the custom field to work you need to understand a bit about coding. You can check further detail in the documentation below

Thank you!! so.. each campaign has its own shortcode?

Yes, you can display single as well as multiple campaigns through a shortcode

Hi! I would like to know how can I configure the widget that shows the project status. It shows just the image and nothing more (and I want it to show differente things). this is the page I displayed it:

thank you!!

Hi, you can configure the widget from the widget section, you can also install the demo data on test site in order to understand it.

Please have a look on the documentation for further details.


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It’s very dificult to contact to developer and I need help! I still have the same problem where the status campaign just shows the image and nothing more. I’ve downloaded the demo data and it’s the same issue. this is the page where i’m trying to show it: Please help :( i’ve bought this plugin beacuse it had support and it seemed to be simple to understand but untill this moment I’ve just had issues and no one to help. I’m currently working with elementor.

Thank you a lot, please answer


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Hi! I’m having troubles with implementing Cyber Fundraiser on Elementor. I would like to attach images to show you what I’m talking about but I tried to configure the Project Status area and it doesn’t let me. Please help.

This is the URL:


It may work with Elementor but it’s not included in the supported software.


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Hi! I would like to know if I can integrate other payment methods besides the ones that come with the plugin. and if not, can I integrate the plugin with woo commerce? than you, please answer!! :)

Hi, yes you can integrate any payment methods but it needs programming skills.


mey510 Purchased

super! and with woo commerce?

it will work with WooCommerce