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How can I make next and previous arrows visible while transitioning?

just add this line to CSS file

.br-next, .br-previous { opacity:1 !important; }

How can I change path of JS module files? (cute.canvas.module.js , cute.css3d.module.js , cute.2d.module.js)

Just add following script after cute.slider.js in your page and replace “your custom path”.

    Cute.ModuleLoader.css3d_files    =  ['your custom path/cute.css3d.module.js'];
    Cute.ModuleLoader.canvas_files  =  ['your custom path/cute.canvas.module.js'];
    Cute.ModuleLoader.dom2d_files  =  ['your custom path/cute.2d.module.js'];

How can I create a slider with fade transition effect?

Please add following script before CuteSlider setup.
Transitions2D.fadetr = {
                selector:new Aroma.SerialSelector(),
                effect:new Cute.Effect1()

Then change all of the 2d transitions in CuteSlider to fadetr (data-trans2d=”fadetr”)

for example

li data-delay="4" data-trans3d="tr4,tr21,tr62" data-trans2d="fadetr">

And ensure that you have specified data-force=”2d” for slider :

<div id="slider" class="cute-slider" data-width="800" data-height="350" data-force="2d">

My slider moves right while changing, How can i fix it?

Just add following css to the slider-style.css file.

.cute-slider div > canvas , .css3d-stage { left:0px !important; }

I’ve installed the Slider on my page, but all that is showing up is the spinning loading animation, nothing happens. Could you tell me why the slider isn’t starting?

Please note that this slider loads one of following JS files dynamically form “js/cute/” directory cute.canvas.module.js cute.css3d.module.js cute.2d.module.js Please make sure that all of them are placed in “js/cute/” directory. If you need to change the default path, please check this snippet

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