Discussion on Cute Slider - 3D & 2D HTML5 Image Slider

Discussion on Cute Slider - 3D & 2D HTML5 Image Slider

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averta does not currently provide support for this item.

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Hi, I have these two errors on the wordpress backend, how can I fix them? Regards, Ellie

Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/twa-immigration/wp-content/plugins/CuteSlider/cuteslider.php on line 49


Comment allez-vous? We are interested in purchasing this script for our marketing and Wordpress website development agency.

Question please if I may. I would like to know if I am able install this script via Wordpress plugin called Header and Footer Scripts found here: Or even the Head and Footer Scripts Inserter plugin here:

I also found this one: CSS & JavaScript Toolbox plugin solution:

I think it should work with any of these plugins but I want to know, which one you would suggest to me before purchasing. I plan to only use one plugin to add scripts to client websites, as I know lots of plugins can slow down websites.

Merci, Kym

Dear Kym,

We no longer support Cute Slider, instead, you can checkout our new modern slider, MasterSlider

Hi, I need to animate this

What I want is to see picture fading in and out. I do not want the pictures to be sliding from left to right or vice versa. Just showing a bunch of 7 logos (all of them are individual pics), make them disappear and show another bunch of 7 logos, etc.

Is it possible with your slider ?

Yes it is possible.

Please ask your support related questions in our help forum.
Our support staff will investigate your problem as soon as possible.

Hi great product. Can make the slide to start automatic thanks


Yes you can. But we recommend you to use our new slider instead:



Now the control button 2.4.2 to middle, I need to like before version 2.1 that is centered, I have tried to modify the CSS, but not always centered, not left is right, hoping to get help.

Dear friend,

We did not update this item for a long time, so we have not applied any changes recently that could lead to this issue. Please send us a link that demonstrates the issue, so we can take a look for any possible issue.

Kind regards

do you have a email, I will modify the code package sent to you, is the need to center the bottom button, the current is not completely centered, at various resolutions.


hello i send you a message thankyou

what a costumer service you have


As it’s mentioned in the item’s profile page. We cannot provide support for CuteSlider.


Hi Averta,

is there any way to install this awesome slider in Joomla 2.5?


Unfortunately not.

The captions were not appearing on iphone. At first, I missed the media query that was causing the issue. In case anyone else is confused:

@media screen and (max-width: 400px) {
    .br-captions {display: none;}

Is there any documentation for using an image sprite for the rotating images? – Normally I’d just add a CSS class (with the location of the image on the sprites.png) to the image tag – but this did not work. Any help or documentation would be appreciated.

Hi there,

The following is creative web design slider, it is user friendly and appealing. Can I make a design like this?



Unfortunately it’s not possible by this slider.

hello for some reasons these ain’t working … i am using rails 4 to design and just purchased this item and i have tried all possible stuff to get it working


Please ask your support related questions in our support forum.
Our support staff will help you as soon as possible.

Hi just bought cute slider and only from this forum understood that i cannot install it to word press theme.

Please give me advise what to do next? #

Can i get “Master Slider” instead?


Please note that we are the author of MasterSlider and Cute Slider, and Envato (CodeCanyon) is the seller; therefore, we do not access to licenses to replace the item or even refund you.

Hope it make sense to you.

When I change order of the slide from “li” to ”/li”, first slide is not shown and then slides are shocked down. They don’t work. And firebug shows an error reporting like this: TypeError: Argument 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage could not be converted to any of: HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement, HTMLVideoElement. ...floor(i.height)+1),u=r.getContext("2d"),u.drawImage(n,0,0,t.width,t.height,0,0,i... “u” is pointed.

I bought 2 days ago and yesterday I saw “We can NOT provide support for this item since Feb 2015.”. I write many message but no answering. When I try get images foreach in PHP, I get errors like this: TypeError: this.image is undefined and TypeError: Argument 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D.drawImage could not be converted to any of: HTMLImageElement, HTMLCanvasElement, HTMLVideoElement. Give my money back or give support or let me download Master Slider. I feel deceived…

Hello, does thumbalign only support up direction? When I try down, right and left directions, thumbs are not showing.


We can NOT provide support for this item since Feb 2015. If you would like to use our item, we highly recommend to use our brand new slider “Master Slider”

Very nice! How big are the CSS and JS files? what about an Update with image LAZYLOAD function ?


Thanks for your interest ;)

~100KB js file and ~30KB css and yes it supports Lazy loading feature.

Please note that we cannot provide support for CUTE slider anymore. We highly recommended you take a look at our brand new slider:


O.k., thank you!

You are welcome.


i want to use this cool slider in one of my upcoming wordpress theme, but as i can see there is no option to buy an extended license. is there any way to buy your permission for using it in one single wp theme.



Yes, please take a look here :



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