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Now the control button 2.4.2 to middle, I need to like before version 2.1 that is centered, I have tried to modify the CSS, but not always centered, not left is right, hoping to get help.

Dear friend,

We did not update this item for a long time, so we have not applied any changes recently that could lead to this issue. Please send us a link that demonstrates the issue, so we can take a look for any possible issue.

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do you have a email, I will modify the code package sent to you, is the need to center the bottom button, the current is not completely centered, at various resolutions.

Hi great product. Can make the slide to start automatic thanks


Yes you can. But we recommend you to use our new slider instead: https://codecanyon.net/item/master-slider-wordpress-responsive-touch-slider/7467925



Hi, I need to animate this https://www.corobori.com/sos/picSlideFading.jpg.

What I want is to see picture fading in and out. I do not want the pictures to be sliding from left to right or vice versa. Just showing a bunch of 7 logos (all of them are individual pics), make them disappear and show another bunch of 7 logos, etc.

Is it possible with your slider ?

Yes it is possible.

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