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Nice simple game. Can i use phonegap build to create the app?

Yes you can export phonegap build from capx

Hi, nice but I got to a point where it wouldn’t allow me to jump high enough to continue so I had to die. Please check.


You should have missed the power which get very high jump…And it happens a very rare time thats why you have boost power to use at that point of time.

If you have any other questions let me know.


Hi, Can you change the name of the game and the monster?

And the monster can be changed?

For more help add me on skype : mehta.himanshu14

Is player-sheet0.png the file to edit if you want to change the monster?

Yes edit player-sheet0.png, object2-sheet0, object2-sheet1 to change monster

FYI: object pngs are of shield character.


Thank you! I could not get the new images to appear, even after clearing cache. So, I switched my Chrome browser to ‘incognito mode’. This cleared the cache and allowed the new images to display.

could be that a problem…if u have any other issues you can add me on skype: mehta.himanshu14

Hi, i can’t export this project as an android game ! can you check this problem please

add me on skype : mehta.himanshu14

Hi! i bought your game and like it so far! But i have the problem to embed in a wordpress page! The link is running if i simply copy it and show in browser but if i put it into an iframe in a wordpress page nothing shows up. Is it not allowed to put into an iframe? Thanks Mate!

Open the source file in construct 2 right side click on layer then click on background then from left properties panel change the colour…if still having problem you can add me on skype

Skype : mehta.himanshu14

Btw the link you mentioned showing error

Hi! Thanks! I will try to get this done! First i have to find a PC :)