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Hello, very nice inside I Have iOS bought this game?

hi. ios version?

can you please let me know reskin price for this game

if you dont answer i will rate my best bad

seller is very unresponsive, he did not replied any comment since 27 days, i will contact codecanyon support say them to remove this product

Hello, please drop me a private message.

Hiiii pleas check your mail. I need your help

hello , package not contain Android studio version , please help

no response from author

Hi, I would like to increase number of animal cards during random. Could you let me know how to in the code and the PSD file? I referred to cards4×4.

when i wan to signed apps this error appears https://postimg.org/image/fv21mv9o1/

Is it difficult to import this project into Android Studio? Is it possible to change the images of the cards?

I have a problem importing this on android studio…any help for this please ?

Please give your email id.


is there any support on this source code? before I got error when load the source code in android studio and the seller not respond to my message.