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is it possible to add more level ? can you give tutorial if i buy this code ?

yes it is possible mail me…thanks

Mail sent

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.inventologix.cutthepizza Is this your own game. i think Inventologix owns this game.?

no this is not my game but I have make this game clone…thanks

How many images to reskin ?

8-10 images for reskin apps…thanks

why you told me 8-10 and its 50 :3

actually sir main images is 8-10 but hole apps reskin is more images

is it easy to add more levels? I’m not a coder but will I be able to do it easily If I buy code?

it is possible..thanks…

when I play apps it display screen locked level How to remove locked?


first level is open after complete level then open new level…

I play it on virtual machine from ellipse , it display first screen : Play-Option, back. When I click on Play, it display screen unlock, I cannot open to test it.

you have changes in code …

What software or tool used to edit level? Or I have to manually write code to create new levels?

yes its possible and eclipse base project …..

What tools or software to use to create new levels?

contact on mail…

how I can add more level? email me please

contact on mail