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Really nice, inspired from Fruit Ninja, I love it :) Bookmarked.

< Haha.. what’s that? Eyeball monsters?

Nice game, anyway..

yes,he is a….

Would you be able to update it so it works on touchscreens like the iPhone? It currently doesn’t recognize touch on the iPhone 5.

ok,i will try.add a touch control.

any update ?

add touch Control,now can work on touch devices.


I’ve purchased this game, and was looking to customize it for my needs. I’m looking for the source of this project? I suppose there is a construct file somewhere, but it’s not included on the download.

Can you please send it to us? Thanks

Thanks! Please send it to if you could! :)

3 days and no reply? What gives? Come on, I need this ASAP!

Sorry late,has been send

Hi, I’ve also purchased this game and was looking to cuztomize for my needs. It’s not included in downloads. Can you also send it to me? I’ve sent you an email about that also.

Hello,i need some game made for me,please can you contact me so we can agree on the a project ?

sorry i working on ios can not help you…

Hi, I purchased this game but no editable assets included. Can you send me editable files? Thank you in advance.

Thanks, I’ve sent you an email!

hi :) thanks for uploading this. I also purchased but need to customize this heavily for my needs. I’m looking for the source of this project too.

Can you please send it to me thanks?

Has been sent

why the source code not concluded when some one purchased

Some one need the original source code.In pack have the html5 source code….

Is it possible to edit characters?



you can change the image file,custom characters

Hi, I’m testing the link in my tablet and my iphone and I can not cut, is the touch working properly in the link or just if I buy the app? Thanks!

if want to on tablet or mob,must use coonjs.

Hi, great game.

can I have the original source code just like others above, as I’ve bought it a while ago.

Thanks Peter

ok.i can send to you,my

Hi, how come it doesn’t work on mobile?

cut off must use the cocoonjs to Export mobile format

I bought this game and does not work on mobile devices, I also would like to change it but i do not have the source code, can I have the original source code just like others above.?

hi the game is to to old,i can send to you ,please gave me you mail.