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Great looking item! What kind of xbrowser support are we looking at with this?

Currently this item supports only webkit browsers. If you are browsing in another browser it will display the default scrollbar.

I am going to work on a version for all browsers next week and I am going to update this item ;)

Cool, great item look forward to seeing the updated browser.

Good luck on sales!

Thanks :)

Yeah I am try to update this item next week, but I have a lot of todos at the moment :/ I’ll give my best!

Are horizontal and vertical scrollbars supported?

Yeah by editing the following line:

overflow-x: hidden;

Change it into:

overflow-x: scroll;

But I am going to work on an updated version of this item next week to improve it. :)

That sounds good! Waiting for update available before i buy it :)

Thank you for your answer.

Check this item out next week ;)

waiting as well

cool man .. can i use this with my wordpress theme?

Yup, this are some simple lines of css. Just paste these in your css file and it will work :)

excellent .. i am waiting for update as you mentioned next week then i need to use this for my wordpress theme .. you also test it with wordpress and see if its working fine .. thank you

Hey people I’ve updated this item and it is currently waiting for review. Should be online tomorrow:

New Features:

  • Full support for horizontal scrolling now! Optimized!
  • One more thing: Added one more example for custom scrolling
  • I’ve done some research and I found out that Mozilla Firefox is unfortunately not supporting custom scrollbars with CSS3 in any way. I’m sorry but I will update this item when Firefox starts supporting this! But in Firefox the default scrollbar will be displayed!

    Great product, thank you.

    You are welcome :)

    Is it possible to use this kind of scroll on one one element, etc div not on all body?

    With changing a lot of code of course, but it’s a little bit difficult. I will take a look at it in an update :)


    I am having some issues, how can I get the scroll bar away from the side of the screen about 30px. http://puzzleventure.livesleek.com/Animals.php

    Also, my body is padding and margin 0 so that the other content looks the way I want, so that cant be changed.

    Hey, I will take a look at it next week! Sry, I have no time this weekend, unfortunately you have to be a little bit patient :/

    Sorry, but I can’t find the customized scrollbar :/

    Please look again, you will have to shrink the browser to the point where you need to scroll. Thanks!

    No IE support? Really? Ok I hate IE too but most companies run on IE.

    At the beginning I thought not supporting IE is better. But time passed & people grown up and I know that I am selling a product which have to support each browser so stay tuned for 2013 I am working on an update of all my works. ;)

    Hey buddy. Wanted to know if you used Jquery in this script. Because I’m using some kind of scripts that it will be conflict with that if so.

    No, no jquery. Just CSS3, that’s so special about this item ;)

    Version 1.2 is live!

  • More templates!
  • Optimized Horizontal Scrolling (although you do not need horizontal scrolling anymore in responsive Webdesign)
  • Code Clean-up
  • Better Documentation and comments in the source code. The installation hasn’t been easier than ever!
  • Will work with IFRAME?

    Yep, it will. But may I give you an advice: iFrames are out-dated and they are not used in modern web design anymore! :)

    Thx! I know iframe are aut-dated. I work as webdeveloper but i need to use it on my client project, and there is no other option. Thx again.

    hmm I am getting double scrollbars…

    also an annoying thing,

    normally i use html { overflow-y: scroll; } to always have scrollbar displayed… even on sites with no scrolling, this prevents the layout to pop to the left on pages with scrollbar vs without…

    if i use this html however, a page that normally is not scrollable because of lack of content, becomes scrollable just slightly… i find this annoying..

    Does not work on Internet Explorer. Bad. =(

    Hi there, it does not work on firefox?