Customize Product Single Page For Visual Composer

Customize Product Single Page For Visual Composer

===========Only $15 until the end of 09/20/2017================


- Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the Product single page site of your site? ... If you are one of them, you have got solutions with this plugins :))
- With this plugin, you are free to customize your product page in a unique style that no longer feels bound by woocommerce. To use this plugin, you must have plugin Visual Composer as a an conditioner decided.


+ Just drag and drop interface without code.
+ You will have product page in your style with visual composer.
+ For each product categories you can choose a different style in your style.
+ Each product product will have an layout in the form of the product categories.
+ And more…. Would you like to use it?
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pass: demo3

Template use

Video Demo

Video demo: Here

Single Product Demo

Maybe this plugin is useful to you !!!!!

Woocommerce Checkout and Order received for visual composer

Video demo this plugin : Here

Woocommerce Customize Product Layout For Visual Composer


08/05/2017: (version 1.1.2)

+ Fixed a few bugs

More options :

Font-size,Font-family,Animation,Line-height,Color,...In the Tab : product single (product title, product price, ...)

07/13/2017: (version 1.1)

- Fixed: Some CSS bugs
- Fixed: Some small bugs
- Support for MPC addons
- Support Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
- Compatible WooCommerce 3.x

06/10/2017: (version 1.0)

- Version 1.0 Initial Release

===========Only $15 until the end of 09/20/2017================