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Hello, just wanted to clarify what the app requires. As long as I have a responsive website, it can be used to turn it a App icon (sort of pretend app), and also will this work on Android?

You are correct about your responsive site. I have not finished the Android Version yet.

Good work :) Good Luck :)

very nice work, good job! all the best for your sales ;)

universal? zoom in out to page? thx

hi, somethings missing? Home, refresh, next, prev buttons not work. thx

still waiting update. how many time approved new update from Codecanyon staff?

It’s available now.

perfect, good work. can you add zoom in/out options with freelances prices for me? i was buy two versions, (android, ios) ;-)

Do I have to download some app from applestore in order to link the app to my website? Please clarify how it works.

No. You can put the URL of your site in this app. Submit it to the app store and now you have an app in the appstore that references your site.

Great !! I am going to try buy it…

hi there i did everything right but am getting this error when i need to archive the app Check dependencies

Signing for “Sitewraper” requires a development team. Select a development team in the project editor. Code signing is required for product type ‘Application’ in SDK ‘iOS 10.1’ it says BUILD FAILED

please help

A price? I purchased both of your code ios and android.. The android works fine why would I pay a price for your codes errors come on man. Now on your documentation it crearly says just change the name and the app icon and this error come from your code I didn’t do anything at all.

The code works fine. I try to support the actual application itself. You said it works in the simulator. The problem exists with you deploying it to the App Store. I do not support helping deploy it to the App Store. If you want my assistance in helping you deploy it to the App Store I’ll be happy to help you

Thanks for you support I’ll pm you

hello, is it support push notification , in case I want you to do the app for me , how much it will cost ? Thanks

Please private message me for quotes

Hi, did you recived my message ?

Hi, would this work for an eCommerce website? I have a shopify site and its responsive, but can people then buy off it?

This works with all responsive sites. It will wrap your Shopify site and will function just like they are on the website.

I’m getting this error:


Signing Identity: ”-”


Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

Help me

If you Google your error, you’ll see the first result is an issue with your Developer account. Not the this application.

Look at that, the chosen answer even has instructions with pictures for you to fix your issue.

Thank you


Not at this time

submitted to Apple Store and get rejected. (1.0 (6) Binary Rejected Performance – 2.1 We discovered one of more bugs in your app when reviewed on iOS 10.2.1 on Wi-Fi connected to an iPv6 network )

What are the bugs?

sorry, i tried to submit to Apple for external testing again, now it passed review. Not sure the reason why been rejected for previous version. ANyway, thanks

hi Will this work for a WordPress directory website?