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Is there a custom offline page?

I’ll add one! Good idea!

I just updated the app to include an offline page!

very nice work,

Thank you!

good work. very nice :)


is this a web view ?

Yes. It will wrap you responsive site in a web view. You can also customize the app to fit your sites theme.


viglan Purchased

Hi I just bought it but I am getting an error when I run it in android studio

Error:(1, 0) Cause: com/android/build/gradle/AppPlugin : Unsupported major.minor version 52.0 Open File

can you please get back to me on this, soon.


viglan Purchased

it got fixed by updating studio thanks for help


viglan Purchased

Hi again is there anyway we can change the version to use min sdk ? I am targeting 20 but the ideal scenario is 18

Yeah you can change it to 18, but any further issues I can’t support due to deprecation.

can i add multiple website like for e.g shopping sites. now i want add all shopping site together. where is demo apk and can we add menu in this

It supports one URL. though that URL you could create a custom page that takes you to your other sites.

Hello, can you add this external feature or customize your app with a bit extra - Remove refresh, back, forward, home button. Add offline page if no internet connection. - Make external link with back button like webview in-app. Example: 1. When I open your app, it will open my homepage: domain1.com 2. I click a link on my site: domain1.com/link and in this page, I click an external link: domain2.com and Back button appear, I continue click new link on domain2.com to go to: domain2.com/link1. When I click Back button, app will back to domain1.com/link

I means Up button

Sorry, If you want a custom app built, you can contact me privately and we can discuss your projects budget.


ygroup Purchased

how to change Android Package Name to make a APK, you have a tutorial ?

Yes, please check the instructions that came with the project. The are in a folder call companion files.


JR_Nath Purchased

I’ve followed the tutorial and I managed to make the apk file. But when I want a trial in handpone can not install error: “There a problem parsing the package”

please help me…


JR_Nath Purchased

I tried to create a new project, the old SC I delete and I downloaded again. When I go to the Android studio display a description

Error:Unable to start the daemon process. This problem might be caused by incorrect configuration of the daemon. For example, an unrecognized jvm option is used. Please refer to the user guide chapter on the daemon at https://docs.gradle.org/2.14.1/userguide/gradle_daemon.html Please read the following process output to find out more:

Error occurred during initialization of VM Could not reserve enough space for 1572864KB object heap “

Sounds like you need to configure android studio, or you emulator. Try updating Android Studio. Sorry I can’t help anymore.


JR_Nath Purchased

Thank you SC will not I use it again, I save it as a collection because not ready for use because there are some that should be immediately repaired. I bought this SC wished to live life but in reality it’s not a trillionth


fielos Purchased

App work in the simulator but not work the apk…. “parsing error” what am I doing wrong?


rProlix Purchased

Hi, what editor would I need in order to customize the app to work with my site? Very interested in purchasing this!

You need Android Studio for Android. XCode for iOS


Please see the instructions included with project. If you have errors, you probably need to update Android Studio.

hello i have 2 site but when i try to google play first app allready uploaded but 2. i cant why? writed allready have :S

I’m sorry but I do not understand what you’re trying to ask.

Hi, im interested in buying this app, but i need to know.. My site is REALLY BIG (and with REALLY i mean really really!), i have there some GIFs, and they take much time to load. Your app is loading site after opening? So it will not wait until it will 100% load and then show to user website, but it will show him also when is it loading? Thanks

It has a loading bar that shows the user the site is loading.

Thanks for fast reply, do u have some demo app? With any sites.. Its not important. Just to see what it does


djalpha Purchased

Hi Sami do you give info about change packet names? when i change packet name inside of AndroidManifest.xml give error, any automatic way?

Click on your R.java class and the press F6 (Refactor->Move…). It will allow you to move the class to another package, and all references to that class will be updated.


djalpha Purchased

i try. its maybe easy but hard for me :) thx


djalpha Purchased

this info work for me.

In Android Studio: open the build.gradle file > rename the applicationId under defaultConfig > synchronize

Hi I have live website. & i have Android account in google play i want to My website url to Convert Android APK & submit to Google play this will work ?

If I understand your question, yes it should work if your website is HTML responsive.

can i add my custom html pages in this app??

Yes. Please see the documentation included with the app.

how to add admob in this APP?

I have SDK Tool Andoid Repository Ver 45.0.0 and Google Admob SDK (Absolete) Ver 11

I have succesed to add admob. But I have problem layout. Admob banner at the tob. Can you tell me how to make the banner at the down place? Can I delete top menu? How do I do it?

yess… I have succesed full add admob what I want. this SC is simple than other

You can delete the top menu by editing the layout file and setting its visibility to gone.

When I change name of folder/directory SiteWrapper to other name like My Site. So.. I import this project. I always get error. How to fix it? please help me….

My Site\app\build\intermediates\res\merged\debug\drawable-xxhdpi-v4\common_google_signin_btn_icon_light_normal_background.9.png

you can’t rename folders. You have to rename packages.

Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:prepareComAndroidSupportAnimatedVectorDrawable2340Library’. > Unable to unzip ’/home/kaya/Android/Sdk/extras/android/m2repository/com/android/support/animated-vector-drawable/23.4.0/animated-vector-drawable-23.4.0.aar’ to ’/home/kaya/.android/build-cache/f3a02b4825e801589f2f50a98ee9527618d957fc/output’ or find the cached output ’/home/kaya/.android/build-cache/f3a02b4825e801589f2f50a98ee9527618d957fc/output’ using the build cache at ’/home/kaya/.android/build-cache’. To troubleshoot the issue or learn how to disable the build cache, go to https://d.android.com/r/tools/build-cache.html. If you are unable to fix the issue, please file a bug at https://d.android.com/studio/report-bugs.html.

please help. how to solve the error?

thanks. how can i change the app name “com.mycompany,sitewrapper” ? without changing it can not be published on google play