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can i add my admob ads ??


I have these questions before purchase:

1- Can I create apps for my clients with single license? 2- It support Web to app conversion? 3- If the website of client is in “Magento” or “Opencart” can I create app for this easily? 4- Can I create both android and ios app with this?

Please reply my questions, so that I can purchase it.

1. No. For each of your “clients” a new license must be bought. 2. Yes 3. Yes. 4. Yes, there are two separate apps for iOS and android.

Hello, can I create an app that only loads my url? I want it to only load my URL without additional menu without anything, can I? What about PUSH messages, how do I send them to my users?

You have to implement that yourself. I do not support it.

I asked you before I could add ads (admob) you said yes. Where can I find it?

You did not mention this before buying. My question was clear and I answered yes, that is, there are places for advertisements

No. You asked if you could ADD admob. I said yes.

Can you build ad spaces on the application I can not

Hi, try with my page, but my video player does not work in the app, it does not play, can you solve that to buy?

Hello, I only want to load my URL without any extra menu without anything, how much I have to pay for you to do it. thank you

is it possible to remove topbar?