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Why do I get an error that the Google Admob SDK is missing when I import the code?

The included Admob SDK points to a specific location, which may not be the same path your folder is located in. This will cause it to will be marked as missing.

You will need to re-reference the Admob SDK. Here is the fix:

  1. Go to Project > Properties > Java Build Path
  2. Navigate to the “Libraries” tab
  3. Select “Add an external jar”
  4. Choose the Google Admob SDK from the “assets” folder
  5. Navigate to the “order and export” tab
  6. Deselect the old Admob SDK, and delete it from your build path
  7. Select the new Admob SDK, and add it to your build path

Delete the current problems and clean the project when this completed.

That should do the trick!

Please message me if you run into any problems with this.