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The setup is more choice of watches?

Every watch is its own widget.

can you add me on skype ? ice28061

How many clock faces can we add to this I have an idea but knowing the amount will help if I can pursue it…

I sent a fix, please let me know if you receive it and it works!

I found out the best way. Highlight the project go to the project top bar click properties. DELETE both files google and the one not used. Click ok. Go back into properties, add admob library add external order, check the box,for admob and press ok, go to project and clean. NO ERRORS.

Perfect :)

I downloaded 2 samples Apk but the dribble clock is only 1×1 and nothing happens when clicked.

While the bear cannot be seen at all. I am using Asus memo pad 7.

Did you set the install location to auto? Clock widget should be installed to phone memory only otherwise it would not show among available widgets. I want to try before I buy as I want to learn on how to configure clock widget.

OK. I got it. Long pressing on the widget gives me option to resize by dragging boundaries to 2×2 size. Is it possible to make it 3×3 or 4×3 also?

Oops! Posted twice. Sorry.

No worries :D

Hiya, Bought it today, was wondering if there is a help guide somewhere. Can’t find it so just gonna ask. For setting it up (with replaced logo).

Thank you ^^

Goodnight from Canada :).

Dreamweaver shouldn’t be needed for this, only Eclipse. If you are having issues exporting, feel free to send it my way and I’ll put it together for you tomorrow night/next day.

Back with a thing. Radomly I get that the widget has stopped. Tho it still works, just makes my cell lag a bit lol. Not sure how come so. On my cell also on my girlfriends phone (samsung galaxy s3 and an HTC wildfire)

It sounds like something is missing in AndroidManifest.xml or the widgetprovider class. I’ll look into this. Thanks for letting me know!

Ok, I’m interested,

Can we give users an option to select from 2+ clock designs?

No, sorry :(

This item only includes code to feature one clock face.

Can you add me on skype, i had buy your clock license, i want know wich program i must download to modify your apk, it’s the firts time for me. My skype is: pierovale

Hi Web-Tuning. Thanks for purchasing! Please see the “Support” tab for the fix.

Hi, i use ecliple, i read your support but can you send me the version of project with fix…I can’t do it. This is my email:


Hi wetfloor, I am getting a delivery failure notice when I try to email pieropile@gmail.com. Is “pieropile@gmail.com” the correct email address?

Do you have an apk? Also the link to your developer account in the description for the android store is broken.


” Rendering Problems NOTE: This project contains Java compilation errors, which can cause rendering failures for custom views. Fix compilation problems first. The following classes could not be found: - com.google.ads.AdView (Fix Build Path, Create Class) Tip: Try to build the project. “

Edit whith Android Studio