Customer Invoice

Customer Invoice

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Customer invoice extension provides features to the customer to view their invoice from their accounts and print.


  • Easy Installation.
  • List all the invoice on my account section for a customer.
  • Details view option for each invoices.
  • Customer will able to print each invoice as PDF.
  • Open Source and easy customizable

Demo Url:


How does it works

After log in in Magento front the left panel of my account section when we will click on my invoice button will see the following screen shot

This is the list of invoice of the customer.

After click on view invoice from the list it will display the details of the invoice as following screen shot.

After click on Go Back button we will go back to the previous on print button of the top of the page and print form the invoice list it will started to download the invoice as PDF. After complete the download the PDF will look like as following.


After log in in Magento admin panel from system -> configuration .in the left panel under itheaven Extensions if we click Itheaven Customer Invoice we will see the following screen shot.

Where we will get the following three options

  • Enable Invoice Logo

    We can enable and disable logo for the PDF. By Default it is enabled.

  • Full Path of Print Logo

    This is the path of the logo URL. Default one is given.

  • Logo Width

    This is the logo width. By default it is 100 pixels