Support for Custom WebView with Sliding Menu

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Important information for buyers!

We are not providing support for our items due to high load on projects. When committing a purchase you agree to rely on the documentation file we provide with the app.

Ho does it works?

It uses the Android’s Webview component to display you website.

What tools do I need in order to customize / edit the product?

You need Android Studio. You can download it from here

Do I need programing skills to customize the code?

No, you can customize the code very easy without any programin skills. You just need to follow our detailed guide.

What kind of website do I need to have to use the product?

You can use the product with all kind of websites (Static, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and etc.). For best user experience it’s recommended to have mobile or responsive website.

When I import the project, I get a error on file the error says home cannot be resolved or is not a field. What is the problem?

The issue here is that you probably do not have the 4.2 android sdk installed in your machine. So please install the 4.2 SDK (API 17) from Android SDK Manager.

Should I have a “Responsive” or mobile website to use the product?

It is recommended to have “a Responsive” or mobile website if you want to left good user experiece to your customers, but of course it’s not mandatory so you can display every single website in our application.

How to prevent the webview to reload the page when the orientation is changed?

Replace the following line >
in androidManifest.xml file within the
            android:theme="@style/Theme.Sherlock" >
with the following code >

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