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Hello !

I like to link one common thank you page for all orders. How can i do this ?

Thank you

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No Reply for the tickets and comments

very disappointment.. :(

Im sorry if I missed your reply.

What you are asking about doing is default WooCommerce functionality, no plugin required.

Hi ;-)

is it possible to add wc short code in my custom thank-you page?

for example to see the order summary [order_summary]

Many thanks, Andrea

can this plug in only be used for simple products, not variable products?

Please tell me, if a user have more products in cart, where will be redirected after the order is done ?

Hi there,

Last update in March 2015.

Is your plugin still working with the current 2.6+ Woocommerce?

Hi. Please tell me why I get error, even if I set the upsell-page for any product, when an order is made ?

The user is redirected to an error message, instead of upsell-page, even if the order is procesed, the user is getting the email with confirmation of the order.

Hei. Still no reply?


Just a quick question rather than a support request – what happens if I have custom thank you pages for multiple products and a user purchases 2 or more products?

Do they see a thank you page?

Where are they redirected etc?


They get redirected to the default woo order confirmation page.

is it possible to add wc short code in my custom thank-you page?

for example to see the order summary [order_summary]? thanks

I think that only fires on the checkout page. I dont think it will work anywhere else.

Is this plugin still working for all latest versions of wordpress and Woocommerce?

As far as Im aware. The plugin itself is extremely basic.


Great plugin!

Just a quick question – I notices today that anyone can access thank you pages if they have the URL of the thank you page – we’re providing downloads through our thank you page so ideally we need to be able to restrict access to these pages to only people who have purchased the related product.

Is this possible?


Hey There -

Thanks for your question. You’d probably have to look into another plugin to do that. I designed the plugin to be extremely simple so that others could customize it to fit their own unique needs. Which is why there are no settings or advanced features in this plugin.

Thats probably not the answer you were looking for though. :( Sorry.

Cheers- D

I tried WC shortcode for “Order Details” on Custom thank you page but it not works.Is it possible to pass “Order Details” to Custom thank you page as order receive default page? How to do this?

does this work with woocommerce subscription products?

How to add WooCommerce short code in my custom thank-you page?

For example, adding an order summary [order_summary]?

Many thanks, Stan

presales question to plugin’s author: did you plan to keep on developing this plugin or not? it’s been a while since you’ve updated it…

Hello, this plugin is very good, but I would like to suggest that you can set the ‘thank you page’ also from the Woocommerce categories, applying to all products. And giving priority to what we choose from the product page. This would certainly get you more sales, I would be one of the buyers. Since in my case, establishing a ‘thank you page’ per product, would be a very stressful task .. I hope you take into account my opinion, thank you.

Pre-sales question: Can the url contain dynamic parameters such as first name, etc.?

I want it to appear on every product. I do not want to add one by one. How do I do ? I did not find the option

I have entered a customised thank you page for a particular product but it does not go there after paypal. instead it goes to the generic thank you page. If I leave that option unticked, it doesn’t go to any thank you page, just a transaction summary in the cart how do I get the plugin to actually work?

Hi I would like to have customized Thank you page per payment options, so if buyers pay by card should get different Thank you page than COD buyers. Is this possible with this plugin? Thank you

I just get the plugin, but it isn’t working and also the support page isn’t working perhaps I get a reaction in this way