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steveok Purchased


is there anyway to get this working with the wordpress tag manager plugin:

it basically adds a datalayer for the order details to the default thankyou page but this is missing when I setup a custom one.

Hope you can help

Hi steveok,

This kind of thing is not out of the box because the thank you page is a hardcoded page of woocommerce. Woocommerce assume it will never be changed so a lot of plugin refer to it directly.

I put some help by enabling the order detail to be accessible via javascript variable. However of course it can only be used by coding manually.

It can be done with some customizing work though :). If you want I can do it for you but I might need to charge it a bit since it is outside the scope of the plugin. Let me know if you want it steveok ;).


steveok Purchased

ok got it, definitely would at some point, just a bit busy now, will let you know later

Let me know steveok ;)

Hi, thanks for the great plugin, i bought it a while ago. However I cannot get the ecommerce tracking working, even not with the plugin you mentioned earlier. I read somehting about adding the Google code in the header.php and tried that as well. But still no luck. Since this is something that lots of users of your plugin will need, could you maybe add some directions in the documentation about this? Thanks!

Hi joomblocks! Can you give me access to your system? Let me try it there and I’ll document it for the others. Free of charge :D.


boopoo Purchased

Hello, I would really like to buy your plugin, but first I want to check if you have tested in on WordPress multisite? If it does not work, if there any way you cna update your plugin so it does work on multisite?

Thanks again

Never tested that before boopoo. I’m very busy this week but will be able to test it for you next week. If you are in a hurry you can purchase it first and if somehow it does not work give me your server access and I’ll made the necessary changes for you :). (Free of charge! Since it will make this plugin even more awesome :D)


boopoo Purchased

OK great! Then tomorrow I try to download and see if it works.


boopoo Purchased

Hello again,

I bought your plugin and tried to install the zip file as you normally would via the “upload plugins” section. However it did not work. It failed to install. I am on multisite, and as you previously said you have not tested it on multisite.

So what do you suggest I do?


That is true. Please try it ;). Btw this is weekend already here in my country so can I ask to do this on Monday my time? If you need this really urgently I can do this on Sunday noon tomorrow my time (today is Saturday) :).


boopoo Purchased

Ahh no problem. Yes of course this can wait until Monday! Have a nice weekend


boopoo Purchased

Hi there. I sent you the details via email. Thanks.


boopoo Purchased

Hi there. Did you have time to look for a fix yet for multisite?

I am doing it now :).

Btw I can’t see the plugin under the user you sent me. I think it’s not the network admin. Meanwhile I’ll just do it under my own installation :)


Do you have any sample to show if customer place order using bank transfer then how can they know the bank transfer account detail? How to make them notified it?

Hi Alex, sorry for just replying. Been a bit sick :).

Unfortunately no, it is impossible at this point to make something generic for payment gateway due to payment gateway being very custom and depends on external plugins. If you want though i could help you customize it but it require a custom job.

Let me know Alex ;)

Hi, will this work with WooCommerce 3.0? I just purchased and started to implement this on my staging server which I just upgraded WooCommerce 3.0. I’m getting errors when I place the shortcodes. On my live site, it’s still using the previous version of WooCommerce 2.6.14 and I tested it on a test page and it worked great.

So in the WooCommerce 3.0 environment, I’m seeing errors that reference your plugin and some other references. Can you update us about WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility? Thanks.

I will check on it on Monday UtahUban! Thanks for notifying me and so sorry for just replying :D.

Hi UtahUban, I’m not having the same problem as you. Do you mind getting me access to your server so I can help you? I might need to see the problem on your server.


boopoo Purchased

Your plugin no longer works with WooCommerce 3. It gives a broken page after checkout. Please can you look for a fox ASAP!

Did you add anything in between?


boopoo Purchased

Hi there. No I cannot think of anything I have added… hmm it is very strange.

Remember the code issue which you fixed on my site, which you originally thought was due to a timeout problem (I gave you FTP access). Did you make any changes to any files other than your plugin? Because it was after this that I noticed the issue.

Just marking this as solved ;) its the builder plugin problem

Is it possible to show a thank you page based on shipping selection? e.g. flat rate has normal thank you page, local pickup has a special thank you page?

Not now but that would be a nice addition. I wonder though is it possible to detect all kinds of shipping method since it can very easily modified by plugins :).

I can’t promise how soon though D3lux3.


Anuseva Purchased

Hi, just bought and installed your custom ty-page plugin.

But there is no option added to General product settings…

DO I have to activate license – and if so how?

Thx, Frank

Thank you anuseva! No you dont need to activate any license. Can you give me admin access to check?

Just marking this as solved ;)

I just uploaded your plugin but there is no field for the custom thank you page on the product page. Can you please help? Thanks!

Strange jkeywell. Can you send me admin access via PM? let me take a look ;)

Hi, I can’t even upload the plugin. It fails. What’s wrong? Thnx, Tina

Hi Tina, like I said above there are some woocommerce user who experience bug on this release. I solved it but it will takes time for envato to publish it :). Can you give me your email address and I’ll give you the updated plugin.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Alternatively you can give me wp admin access and I’ll upload it for you ;)

oh I understand now ;) thanks! my email address is tina (at) I will try to do it myself first. thanks for quick reactions.

Replied Tina!

hello I just bought the plugin, but only errors and nothing to see at the checkout settings page

hello Jelly-Pixel. my email adres is ge8104 (at) hotmail (dot) com. hopefully you can send me the update. thank you in advance and we keep in touch

Email sent!

hello Jelly-pixel, thank you for the email and plugin. its working very good now. thank you very much for your support

A few questions: 1.) Does it work with woocommerce google analytics (enhanced ecommerce) out of the box? 2.) Does it work with visual composer (eg. are order details in a shortcode)? 3.) Does it work with WPML? 4.) Does it work with pixelyoursite Facebook pixel plugin out of the box? Thanks

Hi d3lux3 :)

First, all plugins that specifically target the “normal” thank you page will not work with this plugin simply because it has no idea that the thank you page has been changed.

That said. 1. Yes and no. I made the plugin to work together with “WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration” plugin but in theory all the plugin needs is for Google Analytics to be loaded. So though I can’t vouch for it there is a high probability that it will work.

2. Yup you can simply create a text block element and put the shortcode there.

3. All the shortcode here use the woocommerce text domain so if WPML can translate woocommerce, the shortcode result should be changed automagically as well :)

4. No. The purchase event will not be triggered as it is adding itself to the old thank you page.


lollegp Purchased

hi, i bought your plugin and it’s very good.

Now i have to insert in a custom thank you page created with your shortcode, a google analytics conversion code, in particular i need this parameter:

ga(‘ecommerce:addTransaction’, { ‘id’: // Transaction ID. Required. ‘revenue’: // Grand Total. ‘shipping’: ‘5’, // Shipping. ‘tax’: ‘1.29’ // Tax. });

ga(‘ecommerce:addItem’, { ‘id’: // Transaction ID. Required. ‘name’: // Product name. Required. });

if possible also this parameter but not so important.

'sku':         // SKU/code.
 'category':         // Category or variation.
 'price':               // Unit price.
 'quantity':              // Quantity.

Where can i insert the code? what parameter can i insert?

Thanks in advance for the reply.

Have a nice day.

Hi lollegp, the awesome thing is I already put a google analytics conversion code on EVERY thank you page if I can find google analytic script installed. So you don’t need to do anything ;).

This feature is already on the newest plugin so I think you might already have it. If you have problem and if google analytics is not loading even after you add GA library, PM me for your admin info and I will investigate ;).

Hi does this plugin change the url for – get_checkout_order_received_url? I have another plugin which redirects the customer to there but its going to my custom thank you page. The other developers have said a message should show up on the page which is get_checkout_order_received_url. Any ideas?

No its not changing that url. However as always, this plugin sits on top of it and makes that url irrelevant. Your plugin seems to use the same thank you page method as this plugin and therefore we are contesting for resource with the one who executed first winning.

I can try checking it out for you however I can not guarantee result on this case since this is a pretty complicated case with any plugin that relates with the thank you page :).

(If you want for me to check please pm me with FTP and admin login info + envato user id of the one who made the purchase ravrav. thank you!)

Hello I just purchased this plugin but unfortunately it doesnt seem to be working with the google analytics plugin you suggested. I have sent an email with the details for the site and I hope someone can get this resolved for us asap. Thanks


Hi, I am thinking of buying this plugin. Is there a away to show also the product image that was purchased in the order details? Let me know. Thank you

Hi andyvega, sorry for just replying as right now we are having a week long holiday :). That said right now we can’t do that with this version of this plugin. All the shortcode does is showing the exact same detail as the order detail on the default thank you page and it got no product image in it.

(In fact we are using woocommerce own template file for this)

ok Thank you


Honolua Purchased

Aloha, I just purchase the custom thank you page for woocommerce and got the dreaded failed to inslal message.

I am launching this special program today and need to get this installed and working TODAY!

Please send me the update you spoke of on the main page. You said PM you, but there is no PM link or addy???


Honolua Purchased

Ok, well, I finally figure out how to make this work.. Looking forward to future updates, thanks.

Whoa whoa Honolua, please be patient :). We are working on different timezone and this is now 05:02 in the morning for me. The one you have should work Honolua. I totally forgot to remove the notice in front but it is already updated.

For the zip packaging to be completely honest it is how CC package my plugin. And I have no idea why either! In the beginning I only send them the plugin install zip for people to upload directly but later they bundle it and zip it with license. I even put a special note on the documentation just to address this.

I will need to speak directly to them since this problem has been around for a while on this plugin. Thank you for your input Honolua! And for the PM button just go to the profile and search for email author :).

Btw feel free to PM me for support if you have more trouble on my plugin :D. It will be my pleasure Honolua. And good to know you :).


serge123 Purchased

Translation with Polylang. My WC is bilingual EN/FR. Your plugin works great but only in EN. What would it take for your plugin to redirect to my FR page when WC is processing the order in FR?


serge123 Purchased

Thank you Fei for your prompt follow up. Other users with WPML already asked for the same feature. WPML and Polylang are the two main translation plugins. I just happened to be a Polylang user with no interest in their business.

I see the issue more as an additional generic feature to your plugin. Simply put, your plugin should offer the option of two (or more) different replacement “Thank you” pages instead of one, each with conditional language selection. This feature would work for any translation plugin and even for two different ”Thank you” pages in the same language. Since you already have the option for a different page for each product, the missing piece of the puzzle would only be the conditional language option.

Make number of your clients happy with the improvement and increase your plugin price accordingly.

Cheers, Serge

Hi Serge,

Yes I agree that this feature will be a wonderful feature to add. However it is not really an easy feature to add as a generic feature.

Some plugin like Q-Translate is supported natively because they are translating on the same page. However for plugins which use different pages it is not so clear cut.

Now like you said, if it’s two different page (or more) my plugin will just simply need to have a number of options for the user to select the thank you page per language. I give this idea a thought before I answered you but there is no way to make a universal detection algorithm for this. If I could make this feature work on every translation plugin I would add it as generic and make it as improvement to this plugin :).

If you could help me figure that out I am very grateful. I just can’t seems to find a way to reliably detect the language other than detecting the URL.. But that would be unreliable.

Another way is to support the most famous translation plugin. Mainly Polylang, Q-translate X, Globus and WPML and use their library to detect each language. But still apart from needing to detect four different plugins separately I will still need to modify the UI. I mean since this will be quite major I will need to plan this on the grand scheme of this product development.

Point is this is not a minor feature add. This is in fact, quite big. Well not that big I suppose but since this is a small plugin to begin with..

All in all I would love to take into consideration you and D3lux3 and include this as an additional update to roll on the next version but it will take some time to make especially since we are working on a theme for Theme Forest right now and are under review. If you could wait, I will message you once its done. If you need it fast I might be able to pull some patchwork just for you but we will need to do a custom work.

Cheers :) -Fei

Thank you Fei for your detailed comment. I understand that time is of concern. I would suggest to proceed in 2 steps and am willing to be your beta tester. Step 1: two languages, two pages for an existing bilingual WC. Later Step 2: Expanding options and integrating translation plugins.

Step 1: Two different “Thank You” pages. Page 1 is the current one. Page 2 to be linked to WC as a second replacement in another language regardless of what language it is and what translation plugin was used. This would set the stage for Step 2 when time allows.