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great plugin, have a question?

what page does it go to when there is more than one product in a cart? with multiple products, which thank you page does it go to? is there a priority of thank you pages if there are more than 1 product in a cart?

Hi azswanepoel! Thank you for liking our product ;).

When the code find more than one product in a cart it will always go to the default thank you page. Something like a thank you priority has been scheduled for development but it will be in a couple of months at this moment since we are prioritizing our TF themes right now.

I will let you know once its up!

Hi azswanepoel. I have the priority product ready. Do you want to try it on? If yes PM me your mail (its still a beta) :).


I have installed the plugin alongside the Woocommerce google analytics integration plugin, however, ecommerce data is not pulling through to my analytics account. This does work fine when using the standard order complete page.

Can you advise if any additional steps are required.

Kind regards, Chris

Hmm that is strange webflux. Two questions.. 1. Are you using the plugin to track sales number or just to track conversion? 2. Do you mind giving me FTP and admin access to both google analytics and your server? I might need to check on it myself.

To be honest this google integration has been a hit or miss with 30% of the time I go into each buyer account to set it for them lol. It might be better for the plugin without it :(.

crying in php

*umm Chris not webflux.

-Fei :)

Hello Support,

I purchased your plugin this morning and have installed it.

I have installed your WC Custom Thank-you Page Plugin.

Obviously I will need to install the shortcodes!

Question: Where and how do I get the available short codes?

I will appreciate your assistance at your earliest convenience.


Finished working on it for you and will push the update to CC now. You don’t need to download anything ;)

Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce is an Awesome Product The support is Awesome , Fast and Friendly. They fixed my problem on the spot.

Any body using WooCommerce should consider this, it will cut your work, make you productive and get your after purchase page-flow organized in a customer friendly manner with customization and ease.

Thank you for the kind words!

Hello I can not use the plugin. When I activate my whole wordpress has abnormal behavior. The internal windows become smaller. I believe it is some incompatibility with the Xstore theme that I use. Could you see for me?

Att Rudimar

Hi Rudimar,

This is the first time we got styling issues report on our product out of 237 sales and it would be great if we actually got the chance to see into it for you. That said we are both sad to see you go and glad that you find a solution :)


Hi :) 1.This question is about functionality that azswanepoel asked about (thank you page priority – if multiple items in the cart). How hard it is to develop if I hired somebody to add this functionality right now?

2.My second question is. Does this plugin redirects to custom thank you page if chained products are attached to mail product (with this plugin: Other “custom TY page” plugins I tried doesn’t work that way.

Thanks, Alex

Hi, sorry weekend :D.

1. It’s actually not hard. But will take the guy 2 hours at least because he is not accustomed to the code. Tell you what, if you can wait at least until mid next week (22/23) I will add them for you. Maybe faster! Sorry but need to put it on our work queue :).

2. That is an interesting question but unfortunately no. So you see when you have chained products it will make the product added to the cart automatically. When more than 1 item is on the cart most TY plugin will just redirect it to the default page. I bet that is what’s happening.

The solution is simple, wait until I add a function for priority and then max prioritize the item :).

Hi A850. The priority feature is now on review. If you buy the plugin mid next week it should be approved already

Great product and works perfectly bud there is one thing thats really sucks. I use bitcoin payment plugin, wen using the shortcode it doesnt support/shows the payment option on the thank you page only the customers details. Maybe for a future update.

Hi silaswilk, you mean payment method on the order summary? I just take them directly from woocommerce (calling their method and turn them into a shortcode) so if its not showing there, its not showing here as well. I might take a look into it in the future. For reference what plugin?

This one ;) If you look at this plugin it does support payment plugins.

Bud the mean problem is with shopplugins redirect plugin is that you cant separate order details,customers details. So you kinda stuck with standard woocommerce thank you page. Thats why i liked your plugin. .

Can you screenshot how this plugin show the payment option on the thank you page? Lets see if I can add it too. The plugin now got multi-language and priority product so I guess not gonna hurt to add this one ;)

Pre-sale question:

Does Google Analytics e-commerce tracking work with this plugin?

I saw a comment from last month saying someone was having trouble with that. It’s a deal breaker for me if Google Analytics doesn’t work.

PM me here ->

If you want to add me to analytics please add

For anyone who saw this comment… Google Analytics now working and can be used with Google Tag Manager ;).

Yes it works great now everyone!


1egodown Purchased

Hello, We really like your plugin and what it does, but we have had 2 instances in the last 2 weeks where customers have reported that the thank you page “product details” section is showing ANOTHER customer’s private info. IE: Their email, phone number, items purchased, etc.

This seems to only be happening occasionally (we haven’t been able to replicate).

Regardless, it’s very, very bad for building customer trust. We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again. How can we be sure the correct customer info is being pushed to the Thank you page using your ?

Hi 1egodown, thank you for liking this plugin and sorry for the problem. We had this problem years ago when this plugin just published (version 1.0) and we addressed that issue a long time ago. Previously someone who reported this issue also uses an old version and it is no longer happening on the new version so your report here is my first time hearing this again.

Can you give me wp-admin access temporarily? So I can make sure of a few things and if it does still happen I will make sure to get to the root of it and fix it ASAP!

Thank you :).

I have already purchased this plugin. How Can I add the information of the selected gateway in a shortcode. The current 3 available short codes do not include this information in the thank you page.


Hi jrmejiamarc! Thank you for using our product :)

Unfortunately gateway is not supported in shortcode yet. That said I am willing to help you. Can you PM me with FTP access to your site? I might be able to try to add that feature on the plugin early next week using your site as base.

Let me know and sorry for just replying!

I recently purchased the plugin.

I have 2 issues. The information of selected gateway is not shown. If user selects direct bank transfer that information is not shown and there is no shortcode for it. How can I include that information in the custom thank you page.

The other issue is that links are not linking to no page in the custom thank you page. I can not click on them.

The original custom thank you page allows to click on links but custom thank you page with shortcodes does not allow me to clic on links and that is a problem form me. How can I fix this.


Thank you.

What email can I send the FTP user and password?

Forget the second question please. There was a problem with visual composer that did not allowed to click on a link but I have already figured out. Thanks.


That said we are on weekend now and I have some taxation administration on Monday so might need to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday :).


Ok I understand. I have already email user and pwd. Let me know if you recieved please. Thanks