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Hi, In order for Analytics Trackin to work, do i need to a specific shortcode? or it works without shortcodes too?

Thank you!

No it will work without shortcodes :). If it’s not, PM me with your WordPress admin account and I’ll personally take a look ;).

Thank you, i pm you :)

Hello, I put the code in the page like here

But it seems that adds extra characters

What can i do?

Okay done Alex. My shortcode automatically assign

tag while your builder does the same as well making it double p. I modified mine over there :)

Thank you! so we’re safe when you make an update, or i should replace again the code? i would like to know where if that happen :D

It will be on the next update Alex. No worries ;)!


I’ve a pre-purchase question: Is it possible with this plugin to redirect the customer to the “My Account” page after checkout?


It can redirect to any URL even outside the site as long as its fixed. So if your my account URL have a variable attached to it like..


Obviously you will need to custom my plugin.

But if its just ordinary url


it should work :)

Well to be exact it will work with even URL with variable. Only the variable will be fixed..

Hey, I can see the tracking code on my custom thank you page..but Google analytics shows 0 transactions…

<script> (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i[‘GoogleAnalyticsObject’]=r;i®=i®||function(){ (i®.q=i®.q||[]).push(arguments)},i®.l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o), m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) })(window,document,’script’,’','ga');

ga('create', 'XXXXXXX', 'auto');
ga('send', 'pageview');


// Add language info
var jp_wc_activelanguages = [''];
// If Google Analytics enabled, this will add the transaction there.
if(typeof(ga) !== 'undefined') {
    if (ga.hasOwnProperty('loaded') && ga.loaded === true) {
var orderNumber = '13689';
    var orderTotal = '9.99';
    var orderShipping = '0'; 
    var orderTax = '1.6'; 
ga('require', 'ecommerce');
ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', {
  'id': orderNumber,                     
  'affiliation': 'xxxxxxx',   
  'revenue': orderTotal,     
  'shipping': orderShipping,             
  'tax': orderTax         
var itemName = 'xxxxxxx';
var itemPrice = '8.395';
var itemQty = '1';
ga('ecommerce:addItem', {
  'id': orderNumber,
  'name': itemName,    
  'price': itemPrice,        
  'quantity': itemQty        
// If Google Tag Manager enabled, this will add the transaction there.
if(typeof(dataLayer) !== 'undefined') {
var orderNumber = '13689';
var orderTotal = '9.99';
var orderShipping = '0'; 
var orderTax = '1.6';
  'ecommerce': {
    'purchase': {
      'actionField': {
        'id': orderNumber,                         
        'affiliation': 'xxxxxxx',
        'revenue': orderTotal,                     // Total transaction value (incl. tax and shipping)
        'tax': orderTax,
        'shipping': orderShipping
      'products': [
                        'name': 'xxxxxxxx',     
                        'id': orderNumber,
                        'price': '8.395',
                        'quantity': '1',

Okay – this is the code from the “working” thank you page. So I will have to edit your file and change it..right? <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(function($) { tvc_lc=”EUR”;

<!- WooCommerce JavaScript ->

tvc_oc={https:\/\/xxxxxx\/shop\/xxxxxx\/ erhalten”,tvc_p


ga("require", "ec", "ec.js");
        //set local currencies
    ga("set", "&cu", tvc_lc);  
    for(var t_item in tvc_oc){
        ga("ec:addProduct", { 
            "id": tvc_oc[t_item].tvc_i,
            "name": tvc_oc[t_item].tvc_n, 
            "category": tvc_oc[t_item].tvc_c,
            "price": tvc_oc[t_item].tvc_p,
            "quantity": tvc_oc[t_item].tvc_q,
    ga("ec:setAction","purchase", {
        "affiliation": tvc_td.affiliation,
        "revenue": tvc_td.revenue,
        "shipping": tvc_td.shipping,
ga("send", "event", "Enhanced-Ecommerce","load", "order_confirmation", {"nonInteraction": 1});








tvc_smd={tvc_wcv }); </script>

Code is stripped..sorry

Yes :). If you know how to do it, please edit it on the first php inside the folder of my plugin. Btw just PM me at

It’s not working for me. I am using a subscription based product. Can you please advice why it’s not working for me?

It was my fault. Fixed :) Awesome plugin

Glad that it’s fixed supremia! I love it when tech issues solve itself ;)! *btw sorry to take some time I am on honeymoon :D.

Your Thankyou woocommerce plugin does not work with “woocommerce Bundled product” ( Its just does not redirect to customer thankyou page.

Can you give suggestion to fix this ASAP please, I want to launch my site this week.

Hi Linusk okay I figured it out. So if you are using bundled woocommerce, though the cart only show one product there are actually 3 different products registered behind. The bundled product, and the two individual product.

Since you are using an old version of my plugin the plugin had no idea which thank you page to choose from those 3 product. So there are 2 choices..

1. Since you are using the same URL in all product you can simply change the master thank you page. Woocommerce – settings – checkout – scroll down and change the default thank you page

2. Alternatively you can update to the latest version of my plugin and very simply put different priority to all 3 products. Use the highest priority for the bundled one :).

I can’t do it for you because I have no FTP access but if you want me to do it simply PM me with all FTP info.

I will reply to you via your email, because i have different Thank-you page set for digital product and another one for set of physical product. I need to have that freedom so that I can pixel different page for re-targeting

How come there is no notification for you plugin update on my WordPress Dashboard ???????

how do get a refund? It is not working out for me

There should be a button for that on the item if I’m not mistaken. Or you can check this link

I am outside now on honeymoon until next Monday but will be sure to reply you with the method if you havent found it by then.

That said do you mind telling me what is not working fist? I will wholeheartedly help :)

But if you still want a refund feel free :)

Hey there,

I was wondering if there is a shortcode to add the download section for downloadable products?

And where can I find all the shortcodes?



Thanks for your reply. The download section is not part of the order detail table. I’m afraid I have no use for this plugin without that. I actually just wanted the same thank-you page as the default Woocommerce page, but I need to include a tracking script and also I want to add conversion tracking for DRIP email marketing platform so I can tag subscribers.

So if you could explain how I can recreate the default Woocommerce thank-you page, with the sections also in my own language I would be very happy :)


‘[order_summary] ‘[order_detail]

And you will have something close to the woocommerce page :).

Also if you want a refund let me know :). If this plugin does not solve your problem feel free to ask for refund.

Plus if all you want to do is add a tracking script you can use the following:

Husanto Purchased

The shortcode of this plugin can be integrate with page builder like optimizepress? Because I want to use Optimizepress for create the thanks page.

If any other shortcode works, it should work too :).

Most page builder can execute a shortcode by putting them inside the content editor element of that builder. If that can’t be done the problem is within the builder though it is unlikely :).

If something happens let me know and I can try see it in your server. If nothing can be done I will happily refund ;).


Husanto Purchased

Great response. I like it. I will try to buy this plugin. Hoping work fine.