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I was just wondering if this plugin is up to date with the latest WooCommerce.. Not sure if my customers are being sent to the right thank you page or not.

Would appreciate a reply. Thanks!

It is compatible DonJarvis ;). If you have any kind of trouble just PM me with your wordpress administration access and I could check on it for you for free :D.

We have an excellent customer support over here ;).

It is compatible DonJarvis ;). If you have any kind of trouble just PM me with your wordpress administration access and I could check on it for you for free :D.

We have an excellent customer support over here ;).

Hi there,

I just purchased this handy plugin. :-)

Installed it, and works great. I have a question though…

In order for my tracking to work properly I have to get some extra data on to the page.

Below you find the script that I have to install on the TY page.

I need to get the “order-id” and the “conversion amount” into that script.

With shortcode [order-summary] it is possible to get that data onto the screen.

I just don’t know how to get it into the script. :-)

Any help is welcome.

<script src=”//” type=”text/javascript” async></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> window[‘TapfiliateObject’] = i = ‘tap’; window[i] = window[i] || function () { (window[i].q = window[i].q || []).push(arguments); }; </script>

tap('create', '2512-570108');
tap('conversion', 'Unique Conversion Id', Conversion Amount);

That’s correct! :-)

I would happily pay for the extra modification. You could send me an e-mail: info (at)

Sorry for just replying! We are on weekends now and therefore I can only begin tomorrow ;). Sending you an email now!

Awesome, just received it! Thanks!

hi… i am having more or less same requirement like MitchelVduuren, i have Script to be added which will track coupon site and need to track and passon OrderID and Cart Value (Conversion value) so can we get this functionality with this script, yet not purchased once i know it can work for i will buy it

regards harsh

It’s up now web4india. You can get two variables which is order total and order number on the header as javascript variable when you use a custom thank you page. That said you will still need to do the javascript integration and coding yourself. Hope this helps!

Thanks Jelly Pixel, can i send you exact thing i need to put and call ? can u provide email id

You can actually send me a PM on code canyon and it will go straight to my inbox :D


vuwinn Purchased

I’m interested in this plugin and have a pre-sale question. Will Google Analytics be able to the track with this plugin activated (i.e. using a custom thank you page after order checkout). Will I need to change the order-received “end-point” in WooCommerce Settings? Thanks

Hi vuwinn. I made a change to my plugin to allow it to work together with that google analytics plugin that you mentioned. Can you check again ;)?

I see that it is loaded on the custom thank you page. I put the thank you page on the black product.


vuwinn Purchased

OK Great. Will you push the update to the download on CodeCanyon?

I push it now. But you can enjoy it directly since I made the change in your server already ;)


ABCP Purchased

After updating to Wordpress 4.6 this plugin has stopped working. Are you planning an update? Kind regards


ABCP Purchased

Hi, Thanks for your response. Please don’t think I’m screaming about it – I was just asking the question. It has stopped working since the update, so assumed it would be linked. Thank you for letting me know that it works fine on 4.6

Kind regards

Oh no ABCP! I have a lot of web clients and during this WP update to 4.6 a lot of their plugins stop working. That is why I think that I might need to take a look first on your problem. Maybe some interaction with WP and other plugin cause it to stop working.

Let me know ;)


ABCP Purchased

No problem – Thanks for the advice – I have reverted back to the older version for now.


vuwinn Purchased

Can’t install this. (and yes, I know how to install plugins) Is it because of the Wordpress 4.6 issue mentioned above?

Installing Plugin from uploaded file: codecanyon-13365617-custom-thank-you-page-for-woocommerce (1).zip

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Return to Plugin Installer

Hi vuwinn, you install it wrong. Code Canyon put the plugin INSIDE the zip file (not the zip file itself). So inside the zip file you can find the license, the documentation and the plugin. You will need to either zip that plugin and upload it or move it via FTP.

This is the format that Code Canyon enforce to my plugin at least (I don’t know about others but I think it’s a standard). All I upload to them was the zip file but they change it into that structure.

It’s also in the documentation ;)

Wordpress 4.6 works btw. A lot of my clients screaming about other plugin incompatibility though and WP 4.6 breaking their site. So I might take a look more into it.

On my barebone 4.6 installation it works.


I’m also not sure how to implement google analytics ecommerce tracking to the re-directed page. I already have the standard tracking code firing on that page, just need a template to add the e-commerce data which I can amend with my product info.

Is it this? Regards

ga('ecommerce:addTransaction', {
  'id': '1234',
  'name': 'Fluffy Pink Bunnies',
  'sku': 'DD23444',
  'category': 'Party Toys',
  'price': '11.99',
  'quantity': '1',
  'currency': 'GBP' // local currency code.

Hi carlito sorry for just replying. I think the notification was buried on my mail! You need to insert the javascript manually unfortunately on the custom page. Usually facebook tracking plugin will put the code on the default thank you page but now that it’s redirected to another page, it’s not firing.

Hi, No Worries,

Yes I did that, the problem for meis that if the customer navigates away from the thank you page (which is an upsell) then back to it again the FB pixel fires again and adds another sale to my FB conversions…

What do you think if the thank you page can only be visited once and just once Carlito? I am not sure this is what everyone’s wanted though so I might need to send this to you. If they go again they wll be redirected to homepage


Love the plugin, but it does not work anymore. I am in the process of debugging and testing my checkout, it would take me to the /order-received/ page but not the Custom page I’ve select the page for the products. Can you please help fix this please? I’m guessing it’s because of WordPress update?


Hi, for some reason I didn’t get a reply to my email. But yes Monday is fine, I really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Hi longle, just in case my mail goes to SPAM folder again, please resend the password since it’s passed the time I need to change it. So sorry!

FINALLY, FIXED! The problem is WooCommerce somehow did not send the order detail to the ORIGINAL thank you page. Not my plugin’s problem I recon but I still wonder why. At the end I just modify your themes a little.


Tomit Purchased

I’ve juth bought the plugin but i have some odd problem. After purchase it redirects me to the empty cart. All i see is the ‘Your cart is empty’ I’ve been searching for the answers all around theinternet but i’m stuck :( Could you help me? I use the Blaszok Theme on

Hi Tomit, if you can give me access to your server (via PM) I would love to help and check why it;s happening :)


gbruzzo Purchased

Hello There, just purchased your plugin.

WC 2.6.4 / WP 4.6.1

I am encountering an issue; Premise:

we use cart and checkout on the same page. To avoid the empty cart infinite loop issue (, we have added a redirect in functions.php

add_action( ‘template_redirect’, ‘woocommerce_empty_cart_redirect’ ); function woocommerce_empty_cart_redirect() { $wc = WC(); if ( is_checkout() && $wc->cart->cart_contents_count == 0) { wp_redirect( get_permalink( wc_get_page_id( ‘shop’ ) ) ); exit; } }

What happens is the customer is not redirected to the Thank you page after an order (we are using cash on delivery to test), but to the store instead (as per the code we put into functions.php).

is there anything you can do to assist?

Kind regards



gbruzzo Purchased

Hello there!

thank you very much, I understand what you have changed. Essentially redirect to shop only if the redirection is not to a particular endpoint (‘order-received’). Thank you very much, you solved my problem and taught me something. Very good, I am pleased.


gbruzzo Purchased

This is good knowledge for the future.

No worries Giacommo, I am glad that I can help :D. If it’s not too much of a trouble can you give a nice testimony on this product for me? And also on our facebook . Thank you Giacommo :D.

Hi i just purchased your plugin and downloaded. When I try to install in Wordpress, I am getting the following error:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

Any ideas?

Hi texascoplen :). Glad that you consider our product!

Basically what you got from codecanyon is not just the plugin. It is the plugin plus the documentation plus license all in a zip file. What happened is most probably you tried to upload the downloaded file directly. What you need to do is extract the plugin and you’ll find several folder, you need to zip the folder jp-wc-customthankyou and upload it :).

More details on the documentation btw ;)

Hi, I just purchased your plugin. The custom order page works fine, but the plugin appears to break my site. The logo doesn’t appear anymore, and the header and footer formatting are not okay. I know it’s this plugin, because when it’s deactivated the site works fine. Please have a look at this url – It is on a maintenance mode right now, so I can send you the credentials in a private message.

Hi Arun, glad that you like our plugin! Please give me access via PM to your site and I will take a look ;). You are the first on experiencing this so I need to take a look first before i can tell what happen :D


vuwinn Purchased

This plugin will make Google Analytics unable to track your site’s transactions. Jelly-Pixel, any idea to combat this problem?

Hi vuwinn :D. It is to be expected that Google Analytics will embed their code on the original thank you page and since it has been redirected, it will never be triggered. If you scroll up to my conversation with Carlito, the only way around it is to input your own google analytics tracking code on the new thank you page.

You can use this plugin ->

And add the tracking code on the header of the site.

If you have the newest thank you plugin you will have both Order ID and Order Total ready to be inserted :D.

Let me know if you need some development assistance Vuwinn :)


Hope all is well. I just bought this plugin and I love it. I do however have a question for you. When I go to my thank you page direct (not going through check out, just loading the page) the shortcodes that I have on the page (Let’s say for order details) shows me order details that are from a previous order instead of being blank. Can you please advise. I can provide more information upon request.

Thanks Cheers

I submit it as an update of this plugin. Wait about 5 days until it get pushed ;)

That’s not bad actually .. Thanks for making that change. I’ll be looking forward for the new release.


Wow saman_noize sorry for not replying on this one. It’s released months ago :D. about 2/3 days since we talked. I hope you get it by then saman_noize :)

presale question: I need to add a custom message on the thank you page including the total or partial order weight based on product type: is it possible to do that?

Hi alemarengo, nice to hear from you x). The short answer is it is not possible to get that without any kind of customization. This plugin shipped with three shortcode which is order_detail, order_summary and customer_detail only. If you need to take a certain field you need to customize it to include your own short code :).

We also provide a paid service for customization as well btw! Or any kind of development works :). If you want us to do that, please buzz :D.

Hello, what’s about WPML ?

Hi NineSixOne, the custom thank you page can be made using ordinary page. Which means you can do multi language using WPML on that page. The shortcode message have the same domain with woocommerce text domain meaning if you have Woocommerce translated, that will be translated as well :)

Btw thank you so much for purchasing ;) x)

I tried to instal the plugin but it doesn’t work , get this error The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found. how to fix this ?

Hi linuxprog, take a look at the installation guide from the documentation ;). Code Canyon zip my plugin alongside the documentation and license so what you need to upload is not the file you get from CC but you need to extract it, and you will see the folder inside called “jp-wc-customthankyou”. Zip it and upload that. Hope this helps ;)


Hi the redirection works fine but the shortcodes are not working, everyday i’m getting emails from customers that the order detail or the customer info displayed after checkout are for someone else this happens when i get many orders in the same time , can you fix this? now i’m not using shortcodes anymore so …..

Did you send to my email , I didn’t get it

Sent it twice with now :)

Sent it twice with now :)

Can i make a custom wordpress page and will it show my customers order info ?

This plugin gives you the ability to use shortcode to display the order info ;)

Hi, currently i looking after redirect function which can redirect the link after they purchase the product then it will redirect to contact form or any kind of form to submit their bank receipt.

Unfortunately we don’t have one right now alex. I am outside but tomorrow I’ll be able to upload a quick demo for you. Would you mind waiting?