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Hello, kudos on the plugin.

- Does your plugin use geolocation or something like it to automatically detect the user’s location and closest store?

- Can I display only the closest location in one spot? I am trying to simply display closest location on a header bar (50px height), and then a link to ‘more locations’.

Hi David,

The plugin does not use geolocation and it cannot display only the closest location!

Thanks, WPShowCase


Nice plugin!!

I am building a WooCommerce shop and need to have the ability to have a “locate stores” option directly on the product page itself.

Can I customize the plugin or use a snippet to add the zip code field directly in my shop page?

Also, can it open results in a lightbox or does it redirect to a new page?

Thanks so much in advance.


Hi Brandon,

You can put the store locator on your product page using a shortcode.

The results currently redirect to a new page.

Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi, is it possible to hide the map view? I only want to display the contact information of service reps within the zip code search. Thanks!

Hi, It is possible :-). You can customize the plugin to not show the map. Thanks, WPShowCase

Great, thanks!

will this work with the product vendor plugin? I would like each vendor to be able to enter their location.

I’ve answered your other comment :-).

Hi friend I’ve sent a email to: plugins@wpshowcase.net

I need a customization. Could you answer it as soon as possible?


Hi Eduardo, You can use Envato Studio to find someone to help you with customization :-). Thanks, WPShowCase

Hi there! Is there a way to change the email setting to website? I’m adding different locations that all have their own website address. Or is that a field I can add easily? Thanks!

Just noticed that the import feature is not working. I am using the simple_store_import excel file and just pasting my info in that. When I import and I check the stores, none of the info has carried over. Please help!

Never mind! I figured out both of my issues. Thanks!

Great. Thank you for letting me know you got it working :-).

404 on your demo

Thank you – I’ve corrected the link :-).

Hi, I just wanted to check that your plugin will work with the latest IE browser and latest Wordpress version as I see it has not been updated for 12 months?


Can this plugin cannot be integrated with shop and products?

Hi there, nice plugin. One presale question, is there shortcode to list on one page all the stores in the database?

Can this plugin do a search based on ISP location?

Unfortunately this plugin cannot.