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does it support adding other 3rd party widgets into the sidebar ? only default wordpress widgets are supported in visual composer

yes it supported 3rd party widgets into the sidebar. but you have to use 3rd party widget which you want to edit the sidebar in widget area. after that you have to use Override behavior option (place before or after existing widget).


This is what I am searching for days….

Presale Question.. I am creating a movie celebrity database and in each page I need to display their twitter account in sidebars (so for each post i need different sidebar)

Question1: My theme comes with twitter widget….which can display tweets of a user…

So can I use that widget in each post in sidebar which I have created with Custom sidebar visual editor plugin….(What I really mean is, will I have the option to add widget in custom sidebar )

If yes, then I am sold…

Hi Tejeshwarrao,

yes, you can create different sidebar for different post and even also page.

let me know if any other things on this.


Ok I can create different sidebars for different post,,,,,that’s great

my question is…... Can I use wordpress default widgets or third party widget on custom sidebars

yes you can use WordPress default widgets or third party widget on custom sidebar.


croif Purchased

I have installed the plugin but I can’t make it work. No matter what sidebar I create and select in the Edit Post page is not showing up. Also in the documentation on the Widgets page you have a “Manage with Visual Custom Sidebar Editor” button which doesn’t show up on my installation. Please advise!

Thank you!

Hi Croif,

Please mail your wp-admin access details at our support shonatheme@gmail.com. support team will get back to you with solution soon..



coqweb Purchased


are you wpml ready ! thanks a lot how do you translate your sidebar with wpml


I apologize for late reply. actually your widgets support WPML then you create sidebar with any language. and we are create sidebar with VC , so no issue with WPML.



Do you provide the feature to clone and sync connected widgets in the sidebar. For example, if I have used the same widget in 5 sidebars; will the widget be updated in all 5 sidebars if it is updated in any one of them? This feature is provided by custom sidebars pro plugin (https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/custom-sidebars-pro/) but it is very expensive.. Please let me know. :)

Hi Himagarwal,

Thanks for connecting with us. Currently there is no such feature available. In our coming update will include it.


Is there any way I can have the plugin access (link) in the main admin menu instead of within Appearance?? I need a user that does not have access to theme settings to be able to use the custom sidebar plugin. Thanks!

..Or somewhere else for that matter..?


yes but you need to change code. I will explain you

First go to file (custom-sidebar-visual-editor\includes/class-csvc-main.php)

Find add_theme_page & replace with add_menu_page and save file. after that you can check.

Let me know if any issue at support email shonatheme@gmail.com.


Email sent, thank you

Hi, i just bought your plugin, how do i use it?


In the downloaded folder there is documentation along with plugin. please read out after that let me know if any query.


Hi, i want to know if this is possible : I have made a custom visual composer rating attributes for my woocommerce products by your plugin. And for example if i have entered the desktops category and hover over the rating attributes i have made it will say the slug is : http://saletrons.com/store/?filter_rating=4-0-out-of-5-0-stars And i don’t want that. Because if i have pressed on that it will direct me to all the categories on my store, and i just want to search only for desktops that are rated 4.0 stars. Like default widgets would have a slug like this : http://saletrons.com/product-category/desktops/?filter_hard-drive-type=hard-disk-drive-hdd

So how can i achieve that?


Sorry for inconvenience, if your widget support then you can achieve this. custom sidebar visual composer can design sidebar and use vc element in your sidebar. widget will work fine in your sidebar like in other sidebar.


Hi, thanks for this nice plugin!

I tried to delete a sidebar, but I did not managed it.

Can you help/explain?

Thank you + kind regards Tom


you can’t delete them sidebar. but you can manage it. if you want replace theme sidebar to own sidebar then you can. if you want to add widget to theme sidebar or remove all widget then you can.

All though i have explained in doc. please read this.

and let me know if any issue with plugin.


Your demo pages are not working


Thanks for informing me.

Now demo is working.

Cannot figure out how to set different sidebars for different pages or post types. Please help.


Thanks for purchasing our product.

You can set sidebar on different pages or post. First you have to create sidebar after that you have to go add/edit page or post. and you can set sidebar which you want to show sidebar on page or post.

This option is available in meta option name as “sidebar settings” which you can see above “set feature image” option .

See screenshot : https://ibb.co/hpUzRa

Please read documentation all things described.


This plugin seems promising. But I have a few problems.
  1. When i insert a VC element (e.g. text block), I cannot view the edit parameters. I only get a blank screen. => https://imgur.com/2Y1aGIR
  2. No matter what container I use, (default or none) sidebar contents are overflowing beyond the screen. => https://imgur.com/RIKtLmV
  3. I cannot create a sidebar I have created with this plugin.
What I have tried
  • Clearing caches
  • Different browsers and different computers
  • Activating and deactivating the plugin
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling plugin

Please help :cry:

Hi jmcadmin,

Thanks for connecting with us. Can you share wp admin details with your site url. So i can find out what exactly issue with your server or our plugin.

So please mail me shonatheme@gmail.com


220/5000 Hello! Magnificent plugin! When does the release of compatibility with 5.2? I have problems with the “design options” of each element and I also point to compatibility issues with “ultimate_vc” I’m waiting. Hello, Stefano!

Hello Speedy,

I have got your point. i have submit the plugin for update. if you want to urgent solve this issue so please send mail with wp details on shonatheme@gmail.com


Ok, I send details at your email address

Thanks! I replied on mail, i hope problem will be solve.

Hi, I have a custom post type, but when adding a post of the custom post type, I don;t see the side bar meta box on the right side of this custom post. I can see it on regular posts. Do I need to set up something extra in order to enable it for custom post types?

Hi jvanhensberg,

Thanks for connecting with us. Please read documentation carefully. you need install & activate plugin . then go to appearance->custom sidebar. here you can edit existing sidebar or add new sidebar and customize sidebar with vc editor or WordPress editor. then you can go post or page & here you can set sidebar which you want to show.

Let me know if any issue.


Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I already managed to set it up for pages and posts. But I’ve defined a custom post type, and I’d like to use the visual sidebar editor there as well. But the sidebar editor metabox is not showing there. Any advice?

Sorry this feature isn’t available that means plugin doesn’t support custom post type.but will update soon.

Hi, I am using the7 theme and where the footer has multiple columns whose content comes from widgets. Is it possible to use the widgets to display in the footer instead of the sidebar? And also when using the VC in the widget do you get the full VC editor so I can create multiple rows/columns?