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I would like to only use my designs. No Additional text, or uploaded images. My images are about 8×11. Is that possible? Is there a max number of images I can have available for the customers to choose from?

Can you please email us with example of your items, so that we can understand your requirement better ?

Would the admin have the option to add an additional cost for certain images?

We can perform custom development at additional cost to implement such feature.


Rigo_1 Purchased

Hello, I have the following problem. Whether or Clipart Font when I save the in admin then the http: // store. This I have problems with the certificate ssl.

What should I do with the files at https: // are stored.

Have the files viewed, there is especially apparent after between http: // port and https: // port distinction.

Only made it will not.

Thanks for the help in advance

Everywhere else in the store no problem. I had put on SSL before I even a module installed the shop.

Best regards

Please submit your issue details and site FTP and Admin access information in a ticket at support.solvercircle.com and Of course please do Not forget to rate us 5 Star after getting the service at least :)

Is there a kind of TEST version i can try before buying? or a working demo BO? i’ve seen a lot of screenshots not answering my questions … and it’s really too long to write here.

Please check the Documentation of this item to check the screenshots of backoffice.

No need screenshoots ;) i need a back office access (user and pass) to TRY it as many modules give. You have it please?

sorry, we do not provide back office access.for demo, as we believe the Documentation explains it enough.Thank you :)

Hello does your module supports combinations?

For example permit client to choose size or color after picking a design?

Thank you

We can provide a custom solution to implement your requirements. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a quote .

I’ve uploaded the zip file but I can’t see it in my prestashop modules :(

Please follow the steps as mentioned in the documentation. If you still face any issue, please submit a ticket with your issue details and site FTP and admin access information at support.solvercircle.com

fixed, added it manually in the modules.

Sounds Great, Thanks for the Update !

How can I mass change my products and import images to use this feature,I can only activate one by one.

Actually, it is implemented to enable one by one, so that you can decide to enable for some and may also disable for some item. Mass enable feature can be developed as custom solution for you. Please email us to developers@solvercircle.com for a quote.

Hello, I would to use this module to add the initials on the shirt; but I would setup the fixed positions where the user can write the initials. for example: Middle – Low – Left hand cuff – Right hand cuff

Is it possible with your module?

Thanks Angela

I think you should use a custom solution of the following tool :


Uses this module also prestashop overrides? When Yes – can I get list? Does it supoort attrubutes (t-shirt colors by example)?

Hi, i brought a module for prestashop from you. I have problems with this module ? instead of images and controllers not found in clipart and font menu. I want to open a ticket but i can access without your verification mail. I created 2 accounts contacto@identifican.cl and contacto@themachinastudio.com

I really need to solve this problmes.The module cost me 45 usd and is not working.

im using prestahop

Please clear your store cache from admin panel. You can also email us the access info and issue details to developers@solvercircle.com if you having issue with ticket.

Thanks i sent email with my issue, please answer me asap.

Resolved and looking forward for your Rating :)

When i want to add clipart or font i see this: http://c2n.me/3BDevmh.jpg What can be the problem???

Did you login to the ticket system and submitted your information ? is your issue resolved already ?

yes, i send it in a new ticket, but no answer :(

What is your ticket number please?

Hello, Before buying, I wanted to know if it was possible to put other products (such as mugs, pens ) in addition tshirts ?

Thank you

The Product images are completely within your control from admin panel. So, if you want to upload a Mugs image instead of a tshirt you can do that from admin panel.

Alright, Frontend works but notning in backend. Think I have all the issues as orher have.

Then i went to submit a ticket as you ask people for, sign up but no email so i can validate my account.

and no, not in spam either

How can I get it fixed?

Please clear your Store cache from admin panel and for issues feel free to email us to developers@solvercircle.com with your site access info and issue details.

Hello wpproducts

Like the module think of buying it. Just some questions can you choose shirt size or is this fixed? (the demo does not show). Can you make color choose of the shirts or is this fixed?

Read something in the comments about posibility of customizing the addon

Hope to hear something soon,



Replied to your email, Thank you.

Hello, Love your module, need to some more information, actually I want to upload Frame instead of the Clip art then is It possible? second thing, is that frame cover whole product?

You may try to upload a Frame image which has the Middle area as Transparent at the Demo.

If you need a custom solution, feel free to email us please.

Can you enable to design my T-shirt on your demo freely and then i take the design for printing ? I want to do that because am not yet sure if the printing machine i was referred to in my city kampala can do it. I already have an account on your demo site.All i want is you to enable me design the shirt and test if the machine available in town can help.

I will be happy to hear from you soon

Thank you Ronnie


Can I restrict the placed picture and text area? Because now, I can put picture everywhere on the t-shirt, but the printing machine need some margin. Can I setup the printed area? And an other question is can I add more view of the t-shirt? Because we can print on the sleeves too, se we would like to add the sleeves view insted of front and back.

Finally, how the system save the design, and where are the uploaded pictures designes stored?

Thanks, Barney

Hi Barney, we can perform custom development at additional cost for your specific modification. Please email us for a Quote.

I have tried to install many ways, still not get the Catalog sub tabs and cannot see any change on the front end.

Sorry but I have already submits a ticket 3 days ago and provided full access. I have cleared the cache of course. Still no answer from your team. Getting impatient and frustrated ….

My ticket number : [#360567 if this can help..

Thanks for the Ticket number, I just checked and I can see our team replied you on 14 th, and requested you to inform back if you still have any issue and then yet to receive any reply there. So, it was considered to be resolved. Please feel free to continue your discussion within that ticket, they will check it out for you today. No worries :)

Salve vorrei sapere se questo modulo permette la personalizzazione di medagliette per cani come su questo sito. http://www.la-medaglietta-cane.it/catalogo.php resto in attesa grazie

The Product images are within your control from admin panel. So,you can personalize medal or any item you want using our Design tool. So, please check the DEMO of our Design tool to see how our Design panel works, because design panel is always same for any product.

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