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How does the single page work. Is it styled the same way as a blog or portfolio item?

Hello, Single page is built by Fusion Builder. So, it will look like you built it. Out plugin does not affect it.

Does this work with multisite?

If Avada with its Fusion Builder works with multisite then our plugin does as well.

Excellent. Thank you.


guymc Purchased


I am using already Post Type Builder plugin on Avada. 1) How will your plugin help me? I looked at the demo but could not quite understand what to make of it.

2) Is it complementary to Post Type Builder plugin (or Toolset plugin?) or is it a full featured Custom Post Type plugin?

Thanks in advance, - GM


1) The main value of our plugin is rendering custom content (post types and taxonomies) using the existing Avada styles.

If you use any generic plugin for templating like Post Type Builder you may have a hard time making it look like the rest of your site. With our plugin, your list or grid of custom content will look like the Blogs or Portfolios helping users to have the same experience regardless the type of content they are viewing.

2) It is Not a full featured custom post type plugin. There are enough free ones for creating post types like “Custom Post Type UI”. Our plugin helps to visualize what you have created.


Will this plugin allow me to show entries from a CPT instead of blog posts on the Avada Timeline (Fusion Builder > + Element > Blog > Layout > Timeline)?

Thanks, rt.

Hi, Yes it will show CPT in Timeline layout the same way as it would show standard blog.


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Hi, would this plugin help me display posts using the avada portfolio layout? I would like to be able to dynamically filter posts in different categories. Thanks

Hi, yes you can do this if you use Avada 5+


Dynz Purchased

Any try before buy possibilities. Happy to purchase if it does what I need.

Unfortunately, we can’t’ provide demo version as there is not protection build in this software. However, you can request a refund via Envato if what I stated above will not work.

Hello, when I buy your Plugin, does also the Fusion Pagination work with my Custom Post Types?

Regards Marc

Yes sure it will work exactly like with blogs.


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Pre-purchase question: will this plugin help me make Learndash elements (buttons, dropdowns, widgets…) take on Avada defaults? I’d like to avoid having to style them separately from the rest of the site, with CSS, as I’m having to do now. Thanks!

No, this plugin does not do it and I doubt any plugin can do it. To achieve it there should be some agreement for CSS class names between two companies.


bwoolley Purchased

Ok then, I’ll just keep on tweaking!