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Any news on updating to FB5.3?

we plan to do it next week

I have multiple different custom post types with unique filed sets. How does the plugin handle this? Am i able to layout the field data however i’d like using the fusion builder for the single page? Thanks

Hello, Our plugin does not deal with single page layout, only with archives

Hi, non mi funziona con TOOLSET!

Sorry! It’s ok…

I have installed the plugin, but i’m not seeing any of the CPT options showing up in my element selection. Is this plugin still being supported? My avada theme is updated and on the latest patches.

Nevermind I figured it out. You need to go into the avada fusion builder settings and enable the two CPT options. You should add this to your documentation. Thanks!

Hi, I am glad you have figured it out. Actually we do have some info about it at the doc pages

Awww i see it now. Sorry I was looking at the installation section. Thanks for the quick reply!

Any news on updating to FB5.3? Can you also fix the error when fusion builder is activated but fusion-core is not? Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class ‘FusionCore_Plugin’ not found in…

It works but is throwing errors: Notice: Undefined index: grid_element_color in and the fatal error when fusion core is unloaded is easily avoidable. Please provide an update for 5.3. This really should have been released and addressed along with Avada 5.3. Please advise when we can expect this update?

The new version have been sent to Envato for approval. It usually takes 2-3 days. It has all those issues fixed.

Thanks Amunet :). Very happy to hear this. Cheers.

how to make product type? any demo available for product type?

Hi, For creataing custom post type you can use this free plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-post-type-ui/

Hello, I need help, im using Avada 5.4 had install success addon but it does not show up in the element, I have sent request long time but no feedback??

Hi, I have replied yesterday to the e-mail you provided: w360s@outlook.com. Please send your site access info to support@amunet.biz for us to have a look.

Hi, I have Avada Fusion Builder 5.4. Only 5.3 available. When will 5.4 of this plugin released?

It is available now

Hello, I downloaded the new version, but it does not appear in fusion builder, what do I have to do? Thank you

You need to enable shortcode in the Fusion Builder settings. You may contact our support if you have trouble enabling them.

Hi ! Is that possible to display different CPT but with a common taxonomy in a single element ?

Hi!, No, you can only have one cpt per shortcode

Hi ! Okay, it could be cool to have a “all type” selector, and just choose one taxonomy common to multiple post type…

Plugin works nice! :) Any idea how to enable Multiple Featured Images on a CPT created via CPT UI?


p1xel_net Purchased

Yeah – I know that plug. Avada already has this feature in Blog & Portfolio Posts – I try to figure out how to use this feature in my CPT without installing another Plugin :)

Seem to have an issue when using the Portfolio CPT. When I change the Post Per Page to any other number, it defaults back to 10 and doesn’t seem to want to load all the posts even after clicking the Load More button.

Any ideas?

On another note, I have the solution to p1xel_net post about the multiple featured images for CPT within Avada. Had the same issue last night and found the solution.


I have updated to 5.4.2. The Post Per Page is now working correctly. It still does not want to load the additional post when clicking Load More, Infinite Scrolling and Pagination give me a 404 Page not found. I have tried both the Blog CPT and the Portfolio CPT with the same results.

Any thoughts on this?


We do not see this loading issues at our servers. If you want us to troubleshoot your case, you will have to renew the support since your’s has expired and contact us via site contact form or to support email address support@amunet.biz

Renewed and emailed.