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Hi i would like to know if its possible to place a buttom on the product page and when i click on it will show the pop up, another question is can be possible to place shortcodes? i have a flip book and i want to show it in a pop up, also its works with issuu?


we can customize the module to add your requested features. please contact us at

Wow very cool! Nice work!

Thank you so much for appreciating our hard work :)

hello! can i assign the popup to any page or just product pages? can the popup be configured to only show the first time a viewer loads a particular page and not on subsequent reloads? can there be multiple popup’s running simultaneously on a single site?

Actually this plugin is created to show product banner, promotions, advertisement at any and each product page so there is no such option to assign the popup to normal non-product page.

As different popup can be assigned for different product page. So, it is not barred from showing on other pages.

Yes, multiple popup with different content can be shown on different popup in each different product page with different popup content.

Hi there,

Can this plug-in be used as an “onclick text popup”? Say I wanted the pop-up to open when you click a text-link?

Yes, we can implement that for you. Please contact us as

Hi there, could you tell me if an update will be available soon to have it compatible for wordpress 3.9.1?

My website is on wordpress 3.9.1. and using woocommerce 2.1.x and we definitively need this plugin

You can use it for wordpress 3.9.1. and using woocommerce 2.1.x without any issue. Thanks

Thanks, everything works properly. One more question: Was it possible to set popup to open at a category page?

We shall have to customize it at a development cost for you. Please email us at for quote. Thanks.

Great work. Thank you! A note in the FAQ that the popup editor is in the woo product page editor would be helpful…. had to stumble onto that… maybe even a little “how to” note built into the license download page. I found it, though, and it’s really slick, and does exactly what it says. :) :) :)


This works good and setting up was so easy. But I need it to be responsible. Is it able to set size of popup window by ” % x px ” and plus possible to add scroll capability to the window? So that the window won’t be bothered by screen size of budget.

Thank you

thanks for the comment but it will require custom development to implement the responsiveness. You can email us for a quote :)

I emailed days ago. Let me know. Thanks

could you please email us at ?? we don’t see your email yet.

I’m looking for a pop up plugin that will popup when a customer clicks to add specific items to their cart and ask them if they’d like to add another item from a certain category, and then if they want to add a dessert. It’s for a local food delivery site I’ve been working on, and this would be the last thing to add. Is it possible with this plugin?

This is a general popup which you can set separately for each product page. I think you are looking for something like

Works with WP 4.2.2 and woo commerce 3.1.0 ?

it would be a great feature if this allows to include an option to “dont show anymnore”, so this can be used as warning/restrictions note about products when visitor open session.

We can perform custom development to implement this feature. Please email us for a quote.

I am looking for a plugin that will display when a buyer selects specific options from my product variations. For example, if a customer selects variation “X”, I want the popup to display. Can this plugin accommodate that?

We can perform custom development at additional cost to implement your feature.

Fantastic job

Thank you :)

Hi, I wanted the pop-up to open when you click a button or text-link? how could it be possible? thanks

Need to modify in the code.