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Pre-sale question: I want to give people the chance to register with Facebook and Co. but I need one or two custom fields. Is it possible, that people register with Facebook and have to fill out the custom field after that? Thank you.

Hello, no this is not an option.

Can I remove the shortcode button from the text display? I have the text display in the front end user interface and it shows up, being a useless button that I would like to remove. Thank you.

Hello, not easily you would have to customise the code for this.

hello , i want to know if i can prevent someone who have bought my site from deleting my name in the footer, can i put some restriction in the footer ?

Hello, if they bought your site you can’t do anything about it.

Nice plugin, does the work, my only issues is that both the registration form and modal keeps on PROCESSING after submitting username and password. Anyone figure out of to fix this?

Hello, start with isolating the issue by disabling other plugins and switching to default theme and then contact us with details through the form here on author page.


voelkli Purchased

Hi there, I´m using the modal register with custom fields, all fields are set as not required. Using the modal in the frontend i get an error at every field that it´s required. What´s wrong?


voelkli Purchased

Hi there, is there also a profile site wehere the user can see and chage his data? Thx for a short reply and kind regards.

You do not provide support for this plugin?

it’s not working for me, I emailed your contact form but I haven’t heard back from you. I’ll have to look for a refund if it can’t be fixed

I’m requesting a refund

Hi, a client is running a B2B wholesale site and we would like more information at registration. Can we include company name and ABN?

The redirection to current page is it supported after login and logout

Hi man, is possible insert chaptcha for comments?? Thanks

how can i change the place holder name username to something else, I see its not using the default wordpress placeholders


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Does the pluin need update, with wp 4.8.1? Or just any new or bug fixes coming out?

The plugin works fine on the 4.8.1.

Hi love the concept… If it worked. However, your plugin is not working. I have troubleshooted now for 2 hours. Please look into this.

The plugin is stuck in an endless loop. I login and it won’t grant access as a customer. It will let me as an admin login into the back end but even if I try to work on any other pages it will only take me back out to the login page.

I have created a custom login page using your shortcodes.

Thank you

If you don’t plan on responding or fixing this issue then I would like a refund

I will just take a refund. I have not had a response all day and your plugin does not work. I have had free plugins work better. Good luck guys.

Hi, unfortunately I this plugin is working on my site. Can I please ask for a refund?

Hi. Can activate/deactivate sign up option? I’d like to add users manually but I want a pretty user interface for login. Please let me know. Thanks.