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This plugin blocks my Google Map API from working. Any ideas? If I deactivate it, maps loads instantly, but as soon as I activate it, they stop.

Will this plugin make it possible to create accounts for clients and restrict someone from creating new log in profile?

Can the admin set the password on the back end of this plugin?

Love this, almost the complete solution i’ve been searching for, i just have one more question. does it allow me to have a login button in top left corner of my screen? not part of menu like this theme has

however I’m using the betheme and not that theme, and trying to create pages that users that I added only can see to make orders no one else must see it which your plugin allows, its just the login button ion top of page in corner right that id like to have there that I need to confirm

Hi – I have a presales question – are you still supporting this plugin? I notice there haven’t been any updates for some time and comments haven’t been replied to for a while

This plugin crashing our wesite. When i try to activate it i get 504 server status. We have 130 000 users and maybe this is a problem? How we can fix it?

Hmm. tried to install that for a customer, but the custom login plugin whitescreens, unless one reverts to a PHP version 5.6.30. So I was not prepared to depreciate the WP site to a lower version, since all his other plugins where fine with up to PHP ver 7.1.3

Hello, PHP 7 support is coming out shortly.


I work with multisite wordpres. New users can register new sites on my network. Is your plugin compatible with user registration for new sites on the multisite network?

Abs, Josimar

Hello, no this is not supported.

Need a custom login redirect. And Role Based Access Control Add New Rule doesn’t work.

Please raise a ticket with details and login

Hello, i have a trouble with Captcha, show this error “ERROR CODE invalid-json Check the error code reference” can you help me please

couldn’t make this work … couldn’t file a ticket … system says I have a user name and password … lost password didn’t work either … would love to make this work, but so far it’s a big goose egg. as an admin i could never see the home page

Hello there! Is there a shortcode to logout and place it anywhere I’d like?

​Dear Sir,

On the plugin dashboard under the redirection tab if we select redirect all users to url and i put my website link on field of.

Login Redirect Url :​

Logout Redirect Url :​

I still redirect Administrator to dashboard page. It says all users means all users including administrator but its not working like that.

Can you help me with this issue.



Your plugin block the restrict content posts in modal??

For example, i need block posts only for users registered, is possible?? In “read more” into the resume posts… open modal with options for register??


Should I buy it? I think there are many complaints about the plugin. I am using php v.7+

Question before purchase: Is this plugin compatible with WPML? Or, is it compatible with multilingal Website? My WP is available in English and French so I need a login/register modal form which can be displayed in both languages. Thanks.

Hi, is fully compatible with theme Betheme and Muffing Group Editor?, i need restrict content, menu, widgets and attachments, i can upload attach files to private post or pages with this plugin?


somarcio Purchased

Hi man,

Please, i need your help URGENT!! I follow all steps for “social login” but not working!! Please, HELP ME!!



zazuda Purchased

Buy your pluging.

Only works the module is for entry to word press

The other modules do not work …:

Palo_login [Palo_login]

Your support link tiket does not work ….

It’s sad