Discussion on Custom Links for Perfex CRM

Discussion on Custom Links for Perfex CRM

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mxwealth Purchased

can we have links with variables? for example,{{client_id}}, where the id is the perfex client id, can you code this?

Yes this can be done. I can introduce merge fields.

Looks nice! Any news about the fix to the conflict with Perfex?

I am having the same issue with the links nesting. It simply doesn’t work properly. I had to revert back to the previous version to use the plugin. It appears I am not the only person with the issue since the update.

Hi please can you send me what links you are trying to create. I tried on 3.0.4 on my side it works fine. So could be some specific issue or some other plugin is conflicting it. Please let me know details on support email so I can reply you quicly. Thank you

You are right. There is a conflicting module. I deactivated all additional modules and it worked perfectly fine. So what I will do is test it to see which module has the conflict.

Oh ok. Please let me know module I will try to put a fix for conflict


McBay22 Purchased

I’m having the same issue as your other customer “wenewshape”. Basically, since the last update of Perfex came out a few months ago, adding external links and nesting them under a hash link menu is not working as expected. I think some incompatibility has been caused by the updating of Perfex core code. I have sent you a message via support.

Thank you

Hi MacBay22 I have already replied you for the support message. Thank you


yockl Purchased


is it possible to add a link for specific customer or customer employees on customer page?

sample: Link1 only visible for Customer A Link2 only visible for Customer B etc.

Thanks in advanced!

Hello yockl, It is is possible if client is logged in. The option is in Customer Menu > Restriction Tab. Thank you

Hello there,

I have purchased the plugin and i want to confirm is it compatible with 3.0.4 ?

I’m having issue with it, I have created a hash link, and trying to add many external links under it, but it only shows the 1st link and never show the rest.

Can you advise ?

Hi sorry for inconvenience. Can you send screenshot on support email. I will surely help.

I can’t find your support email ? What it is ?


mr999 Purchased

HI, there is a problem when I try to add a link on a voice of menu not folder is not working. in other words if I add the link in the folder sales work if I add in the voice of menu leads (is not a folder) this not work. how can I fix? thanks


mr999 Purchased

hi i hane an update, think is a bag because if a crate a folder and at same time I add links the system work but if I add a link in the same folder in a second moment the system not work

Ok I can check it please send message to support so we can connect on email

Hello, is it also possible to replace the standard client menu with the custom client menu? So create your very own client menu?

No you can add menu items but to replace whole menu is not possible as there are some hardcoded items

thanks ! -

Hello, very nice app. I tried demo but was not able to embed into iframe this site: or other where email clients are running. Any idea if it is possible to use this site? Thank you.

Thank you. Unfortunately you cannot display all websites in iframe due to security reasons.

Is there a way to add items to the customer’s project menu? Thanks

Sorry foegler2, this feature is not available right now.

Can I create sub menus with this plugin

Yes you can create

Hi there, looking to purchase as the iframe is exactly what I’ve been looking for, however the iframe doesn’t seem to work on your demo? Thanks

Hmm well all sites do not allow to be displayed in iframe so thats why it doesn’t work with all links. Unfortunately I cannot do any fix here as this is a preventive measure to stop phishing attacks.

hello, i’m trying to use the demo but the page says it is expired

I did not understand you request. Can you please elaborate it.

for example “”

can the “custom_link” changed to “menu name”?

No sorry that is not possible. That could affect other parts of systems so that is not done dynamic.

Pre-Purchase Question;

If I create a Link which is a Hash Link as I want it to act like a Category, can I then go to the Setup > Menu Setup > Main Menu and then drag and drop under it to operate as a tab?

Example; I make a Hash Menu item in this plugin Called Customer Leads. Can I then go to the Menu Setup and put Leads, Estimate Requests etc under this making it a tab similar to Sales or Utilities?

Additionally could I embed an existing tab within a newly created one? Example would be making a link named Clients (in your plugin) then drop Customers, Projects and the existing Sales tab into it? So like a Sub-Menu within a Sub-Menu?


Note: I have a load of modules installed so my menu is massive. I’m looking for a simple way to break it down into maybe having like 10 options on the sidebar and basically embed existing drop down menus into other drop down menus etc. I could just make a mess of the current menus to make it work but it would be all over the place.

I have the Chat module and the Email module + Support tickets there. I would like to make a category called Support and have it be a drop-down to show Tickets, Emails and Chats. Similar to how Utilities works.

^^ Just some further insight.

Hi JohnRRG,

The plugin support nesting on menu upto 1 level. Also from you question I understood you want to manage third party plugin link with Custom Links plugin which however is not possible straight forward. With this plugin you can create custom links from inside Perfex or external link.

But for managing links there is already a plugin default in Perfex Menu Setup with which you can move your links anywhere. So I think you can manage it with Menu Setup and if required use Custom Links and make manuall links of third party plugin nested.

Thank you


I would like to use integration with Argentina TAX system ( Can you do it? I would like to create invoices

Thanks, Francisco

Hi Francisco, please send me message from my profile, so we can talk privately. Thank you

Seek assistance: I have designated a form link and wanted visibility for the Link as Employee account-> Employee working for Customer -> Link visibility

dint get

Hi i wait for your mail response

Replied you on mail. Please check


phlovy Purchased

what is the change log for 1.1.9

These had some minor bug fixes. Also added in description


phlovy Purchased


Very Cool! Have book marked it and will purchase in the future.

Thank you.

I want to create a menu tree (submenu) in the customer area. I can’t find a way to do that. Without this function, the menu is limited to 3 menu items for me. However, I need a submenu under which I can include all links to my tools. How does this work?

Hi henryclaire2015 perfex does not support creating submenus in client area. I will still check if any workaround possible then I will push it to next update. Thank you

Thank you for the fast reaction. That would be a good extension

My pleasure. Please do leave a review if you like my work.


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