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It’s working in RTL sites ?

Not tested yet. I think will be working, but you will be should change some styles. (for example position of text). But you can set label right of field as default.


Can I add extra fields to Woocommerce registration form with your addon?

- GM


Hi, just bought the plugin and trying to figure out how to create a registration form. Are there documents for this plugin anywhere?


Answered on email.

Hello. Can I set the form action to another website address?


Yes. For this go to Form settings->Advanced and select Action type as custom and in field Action enter your action.

how to detect error response from server when using custom action


If you have complex logic you should create it by child as class VC_CFB_Element_Form_Action.


jammanu Purchased

whenever the page is published with a form, everything goes blank


jammanu Purchased

can we send password there?

write me email through this form and i will send instruction to you.


mimocom Purchased

Hi, How can I ha make a change password form with your plugin? as you described it should be possible with this plugin! thanks a lot:)


Can you write me email?

Can I add “Upload a file”?


Element ‘Upload file’


Is there a way to close a form after pushing the “submit” button? I don’t know, maybe placing a form in a modal box of Visual Composer, or in a accordeon box.. ?

You can
  • Hide form after success
  • Redirect to …
  • Redirect to with timeout
CFB don’t work in popup.

Second question:

In featured list you said:

” – Send submitted form data via email – Auto generate PDF files with user data”

This PDF can be submited to admin email?

Send submitted form data via email .. Webadmin email, or visitor’s email?

Thank you

You can send data to a user (vistor) email, but it will not be confirmed. You can choose.

Hi morfi, I’d like to implement a ZIP code check for my website, meaning I’d like to offer my service only to a certain location based on the ZIP code. Would it be possible to create a field with validation if ZIP code is for example between 10001 and 10282 and forwarding the user to different sites based on his entry? Thank you for your response.


You can use text field and filter (WP) for validate data. But for this you should know PHP.

Hi Morfi, where can I see submitted form entries inside the WordPress admin? Do I need set configuration for this?

You should enable History in form settings.

I haven’t found it, can you give me more detail explanation?

Can you write me email on page?

Hi, where can I see the result of submitted form?

I’m struggling with .CSV upload for multiple option field. I wish there was some comprehensive documentation for this plugin? Do you have an example .CSV file that has the correct layout available?

I answered you on email.



I would like to know if I can easily make the same type of form as:

With several columns identical to the form

For columns you can use default VC columns.


Presale question… Can this submit as post in draft mode so that WP admin can review before publishing?

Thank you


For this needed create custom action on PHP. As default – NO.

Hello, does it Compatible with the last version of the WPBakery Page Builder (5.4.5)?


Can i use this plugin with wp backery page builder also?

Yes, It’s plugin for VC


sazz300 Purchased

Im not getting attached image when image selected and submitted. any help?


I answered you on email.