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Is there an easy way to customise fonts for this?

Hello Can you write me email?

I’ve built a form, but I can’t get the submit button to show.

I can’t find the way to remove it. I thought I had done it.

I changed the password


Is there any documentation on this plugin? I have made a form with a field of options, check boxes. They do not work. I haven’t been able to find out how to use the plugin.


You can write me a email and i will help you.

On this page i see only WPCF7 form. Can you send me link to page with form from my plugin?

Hello …quick pre purchase question. Can I create button with custom link? I would like customer after fill out this form will be able to click and pay with PayPal account … So I need simple create link to paypal account Thanks


You can create form with custom action. After submit form it will be redirect to your URL.

I have upgraded my server to php 7 and now this plugin kills my contact page.


Can you write me email and send link to page?

What version of plugin do you use?

“Enter function for event onclick.” When my submit button is pressed I get a redirect to the same page but an Error page. How can I make it refresh without the error?


Can you write me email and i will try help you?

Hi there, I have just bought your plugin and I am trying to create a form on my site, but the boxes appear out of place and some of the text is hidden. Can you please give me an email to contact for support so I can send you my site link and purchase code. Regards.


You can write me email on page (form in sidebar)

Hi I’m trying to find where to download the CSV or ZIP file with all the submits, please. Thank you MORFI )))

I answered you on email.

Is there a way to insert a text box? It seems to be restricted from the form.

There appear to be other issues as well… Submission leads to a 404 error when users upload an attachment even though they’re not being redirected and the file type/size is appropriate. And the field name meant to display in email is displaying on the page.

I know that you keep asking people to email you but this seems useful to the other users on CodeCanyon.

Additionally, the validation isn’t working on the email address…


1. For insert text box you can use Textarea field.

2. You can change all messages in Form Settings -> Notification messages

3. Did you set enctype for form in settings?

4. Did you enable validation and set type for field?

Maybe demo video will help you :)

Hi. PPQ: Only reason why I am looking for a contact plug-in is my problems getting the Contact Form 7 to work with Country-selection and Time-zone selection.

Also, if a user is logged in, I want to automatically fetch the already exisiting data, so the user wont have to type it in twice. Is that something you also support?




1. For time we have 2 types of fields based on clockpicker and pickadate

2. What problem do you have by Country-selection?

3. For automatically fetch the already exisiting data, you can use WordPress hooks(filters), but for this you should know PHP.

Form won’t submit unless all checkboxes are checked. How would I fix this?

Answered on email.

Hi, I am using the plugin and so far it’s very easy to use and well integrated with VC, thanks for the good work. Having a small UI issue where the plugin is adding break html tags “
” in between the hidden field inputs that are being added below the form tag. This is pushing the form further down and creating spacing issues.

Hope this makes sense and something you can address on how to fix!


Can you write me email with link to page(with form)?


Pre sale question support captcha (not> recaptcha) or you consider add any verifiq to type captcha


It supports only ReCaptcha 2 at this moment.

Thanks for your answer, unfortunately it is not what I am looking for, I want some form generator that allows to do the verification type addition or subtraction or something simple not to use google. I’ll keep looking…

If you know PHP you can add any new fields for form(plugin). Plugin has advanced API based on WordPress API .


Spainman Purchased

Hi there, I created a form on my website. When I receive the form in my email, I click reply to answer the client but instead of my clients supplied email appearing at the top to send, it shows mine. Where can I change this?



Can you write me email and i send you video instructions?


Spainman Purchased

Thanks to your video tutorial I was able to configure the form the way I wanted. Thank you very much.