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Hello i get this: Warning! Facebook Graph API returns an error: Invalid OAuth access token signature. I have installed the latest version of the plugin. What should i do?

Hi mrlekman and thank you For purchase. I’m sorry for the error, can you send me a temporary admin account to login and check what’s happening? Thank you.

Hello, i have just sent you an email. Thanks

Hello, I’ve tried every way to make this plugin work, could you help me? If you can not I will ask for my money back

Please send me a temporary admin account and I will check it personally.

Hi! I have an error


You don’t have permission to access /wp-content/plugins/custom-fan-gate-plugin/chart.php on this server.

Hi HWoman, I see that your support has expired, so I think you’ve bought the plugin a long time ago :-) What’s happened with your installation? it’s very strange, have you made some permission change on the server? Try to ask to your hosting provider.

Thank you so much for the answer))

Hi, I like your plugin very much and it has been really useful to me so far but since 5 days ago it has stopped working.

I installed the latest version available (1.33b) and no errors are shown, but for some reason I see that there are now likes since last week. Do you know why?


Thanks for your reply. I confirm I bought the plugin and I receive notifications from Envato Market. This is my Purchase code: 4ae6a660-a958-4e32-bbd6-717aa231502d

A few days ago the fan gate was loading properly but it doesn’t appear to be working fine now:

You can check yourself at:

I have Cloudflare and I am using a caching system, I don’t know if this may be realted but I have been using it for three months without any issues on this plugin.


Please, send me privately an temporary admin account to test it. I’ve tried it and it seems to work fine (it opens, I liked, it closed without errors)

Ok, perhaps is a counter issue then. I already contacted you via private form.

Hello. I’ve purchased and installed your plugin, made it popup after one minute, but i see that there are many unlikes on my FB page. When i disable the plugin – the unlikes are just a few. Do you have an idea how to fix this? And can you tell me how to make the popup appear only to users that have not liked my Facebook page?

Thank you in advance, Angel

Hi aexclamation and thank you for purchase. The pop up can’t appear only to users that have not liked your page, because it’s not possible to see the users’s likes. So, if they already have liked your page they have to dislike and relike to close the overlay or they have to click on the X.
This is way the fan-gate is particularly useful to start to growth the fan-base, but if you’ve already have a 50k likes (I guess), many users have to dislike and relike (or click X).
You can write a message in your fan-gate image to explain this to your users, for example “If you already like us, just click on X”, and make longer the cookie period.


Can you please let us know if plugin starts PHP session?

We cache our pages in Varnish and therefore we cannot use plugins that rely on PHP sessions.

thanks sasha

No. It doesn’t use explicitly PHP session, but uses a cookie, placed through javascript, so it works with Varnish.

Great, thanks! Does it set/read the cookies in PHP code or JavaScript?

Set and read in javascript.

Hi, the pluguim give me this message:

Warning! Facebook Graph API returns an error: REST API is deprecated for versions v2.1 and higher (12)

What y need to do?


Can you send me a private message with a temporary admin account to your wordpress to understand better the problem? thank you.

I resolve my problem. I need to put API en passord facebook and now not apeear the message fallaied. Thank you

Perfect! Thank you :)


gacisa Purchased

Hello. We’ve purchased and installed your plugin, We added Facebook API info and that works good. However is not loading background image, We tried your preset images and few custom images We uploaded but none shows-up.

We double check all permissions and disabled fence plugins but images still not loading.

We notice you asked someone else with the same problem a temp password but our company polices won’t allow us to do that.

Can you please confirm were to look…

Hi @gacisa and thank you for purchase, the plugin try to load the image to check the size. If it can’t load it will consider an empty image. Sometimes it doesn’t load the image because the allow_url_fopen in php.ini is off, you should check it and turn it “on”. Let me know.


gacisa Purchased

setting allow_url_fopen=on fix the issue, thanks



gacisa Purchased

Hi, I just realize everybody can see my Facebook app secret password using “view source code” Is there any way to hide this?

You’re right. AppId is needed on client side, but secret isn’t. I’m going to remove it and upload the fix.



Makedon Purchased

Can you update it with the new large like button?


Makedon Purchased

and maybe to add like button impressions in statistic? ctr ratio…

Thank you for your suggestions, I’m thinking about it.

When click on like button confirm like page comes up.

How much is the ratio of like we get suppose i got 10k visitors in my web how much likes i will get is there any ratio ?? 10% 20% 30% 100% or so on ??

There is no way for confirm like pop up?

What do you mean? When it asks you to confirm, you click to confirm and then the fangate will close itself. It still works, but there is one click more required by Facebook. I think it’s not possibile to define the percentage, it’s to complex.