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Thought about buying, but… unresponsive support = no sale :(


I apologize for the long delay. I’ve been recovering from a serious medical issue and haven’t been able to support my products appropriately. I am now at a stage where I can.

As you might imagine, I’ve got a bit of a backlog of support issues to run through, so to organise that I’m using a new ticket system If you are still experiencing an issue you need help with, please submit it though my support portal here:

I had bought licenses for two of my own websites, and now bought a third license for a customer’s website. This add-on saves so much time while blogging, as you can create any snippet you need, that it’s absolutely worth the price. Great work, thanks!

I e-mail this, but no response…....

Hello. I recently purchased your Custom Editor Buttons for WordPress on CodeCanyon. I am having issues creating custom buttons & I think I may have purchased it thinking it was what I am needing & perhaps it’s not. So I am writing to see if you can provide a little support?

So what I am needing is to create buttons for css styles that are included in the main stylesheet. I am installing this on a site for a client that has no html knowledge at all, so I need to make it as easy as possible for him to edit.

I simply need to create buttons for each style he would need to apply for new pages he adds etc. I just can’t seem to get a button created based on the instructions. For example say there’s a style in the stylesheet called under-image-text & I need a button to apply that style to text. I have tried doing it as the instructions stated, but whatever I put into the button value field, literally places whatever I put in that field into the page instead of applying a style or whatnot. An example of one of the MANY ways I tried is: $font class=”under-images-text”$ and it literally places all of that AS TEXT into the page. I have tried everything. Can you PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help me understand what I am doing wrong, or if perhaps your program is not meant to work in this way.

I am going crazy trying to get it to work.

Thank you, Monica

As I said before, I like this plugin very much, but there is one issue I dislike. That is, I cannot sort the buttons. The only way was to manipulate the database table and the custom-editor-buttons.php:

foreach( $wpdb->get_results(“SELECT * FROM ”.$wpdb->prefix . “custom_editor_buttons” . ” ORDER BY id”) as $key => $row) {

So, the buttons are ordered by ID now, but I think everybody would prefer to be able to sort the buttons via the WordPress dashboard. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough knowledges to program a little JavaScript functionality.

So, this is my feature request to make CEB a little more user friendly.

Cheers, Torsten

Is there anyone still supporting this solution?

Damian Baker
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