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1) Is it possible for the badge to appear on the shop page as well as the individual product page?

2) Is it possible to get the shape to be large enough to contain the text? If I add more than a few words, they get cut off.

3) Is it possible to use other shapes as the background. Ideally, something like a twelve-point star, as shown here:


Hi davidzack,

thank you for write us. 1) Yes, badge appear in shop page and in single product 2) No, this plugin don’t support this feature at the moment 3) No, at the moment but this should be available in the next update

If you have any question please feel free to write us. Best regards

1. My badges don’t appear on the shop page. Only the single page.

2. So this badge has a fixed size and doesn’t know if the text extends outside the box? That might make it unusable for us.

3. Do you know when the next update is expected?

Hi davidzack,

you can contact us here:

We can support you.

Best regards

Hi there,

Your plugin works great. We put it on One questions. The text in our bubbles is shown on 2 lines. Is there a way to make the margin between those 2 lines smaller?


Nevermind I found the css.

Hi zogetest, thanks for your comment. If you have any question, feel free to write us. Best regards

Hi, I bought your plugin but when I set up the badget the image does not appear for any site, you can help me please.

Hi Canete, thanks to contact us. We answered you in our website, best regards

Hello my website is the plugin does not show badge

Hi Canete, we send you an email.

Best regards

don’t works in shop page, in product page still see the original badge.

Hi manuelmuad, please can tell us what theme are you using? We can support you, contact us here: Best regards


The plugin is not working with ssl

I will renew my support if you promisse you can fix this.


Hi Doeye, what is your trouble? I see badge in the home page. Anyway if you renew your support we are happy to support you. Best regards

1/ I want to know if the badge work with hebrew? 2/ can I put the bagde on the right side of the image?

Hi nechamas, 1) yes it work has you can see here 2) yes, you can use “left” and “left single product”, look here

thank you. another question. I use DIvi is it remove the sale badge automaticly to the badge in the plugin or the sales badge is not going to change?

They work togheder. Best regards

Doeye Purchased

Is there coing to be e version for php 7.0? My page is not working here.

The plus and minus button are nog showing sometime.

Hi Doeye, can you explain better please? This is bubble plugin. Best regards


Doeye Purchased

Wel I’m sorry your plugin works fine!! Thanks you

You are welcome :-) Regards

Is there a way to use a custom image instead of plain text for the badge?

Hi DeepVoid, it’s not possible at the moment. Best regards

hello, i have some questions 1. is there a rectangular shape with no rounded edges ? 2. is it possible to use two words for example “best seller” with circle shape ? 3. can I make one badge and then applied to multiple products at once ?

Hi sleepypeppy, thank you for contact us! 1. There isn’t at the moment 2. Yes you can use two words, maybe you have to reduce character size. 3. No at the moment. Best regads

I have installed the plug in but nothing is visible. Can you help me troubleshoot please.

Hello, this is the second message I have sent to you, please can someone reply. I have installed your custom buttons and badges plug in but the badges are not displaying. Can you contact me to help me understand how to get the plug in working. Thanks.

Hi, I have sent two message, this is the third time, and nobody has replied to me.

I purchased your license a couple of weeks ago and when I make changes to the badge nothing happens. It is not responding how it should.

I would like someone to please contact me and help me to install. If the only way to achieve this is to pay then I’ll do that but please can someone let me know.

My email address is


Hi diyhomewarehouse, thank you for contact us. We sent you an email