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Your attention is terrible. Sell plugins that do not work or are not updated and when you turn to your helpdesk will not answer. I bought the plugin does not work and get help of any kind. No I will never buy a plugin and put your complaint to envato.

I found your ticket and I see that you Friday last week provided us with the login credentials to your site. Unfortunately this requires the attention of our lead developer and he has been out of the office for some days. I got an internal message from the lead developer that he tried to access the login URL you provided, but all he sees is the maintenance screen, and he is not able to login. If you provide a valid login URL we can take a look at the issue.

Sounds good, but what you need to do is warn that it take you a few days for whatever reason and everyone can understand. But no reply during days, after buying a plugin that does not work at all. The feeling is of utter neglect …. It seems that when we write in envato, everything is faster than when you write in your support center.

I apologize for the delay in following up. I just checked the ticket and I see that we actually replied to you 1 minute after you submitted the ticket, but then we didn’t get back to you right away after you provided the login credentials.

Please notice that we only answer generic questions on the dashboard. It is useless for following up on things. When you have specific issues related to your site we will need you to submit a ticket. .. as you rightfully did! We will take a look at your ticket.

Are there any modifications being made so that this plugin is responsive?

The jQuery background stretcher is the only background that is responsive.


I do not get this plugin to work.

It looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6axjg3byp8c5t2p/Screenshot%202015-06-26%2012.57.54.png?dl=0

  The image is uploaded to the media library, but nothing happens in the view.

I get a javascript error in the console, it can be something that bothered? https://www.dropbox.com/s/4k6qgv1cldtd06r/Screenshot%202015-06-26%2013.03.13.png?dl=0

How do I get started this plugin? I have closed a any other plugin, but this still does not work even if it is alone plugin.

Thank you for buying the plugin. Looks like there is a conflict with either your theme or another plugin. Please submit a ticket at our Help Center and we will review your site asap.

I have the same extact problem then BingoRimer1, the plugin was in the yourmag template and give the same error in the add new and edit panel. I would like to know if you can fix before buy the update of the plugin. Tnx

Can you please provide me with your ticket no?

I filled one now, tnx N. 3134

Thank you we will review your ticket asap.

Pre purchase question, are you enqueuing the stylesheets directly? As in I can simply dequeue them by their ID’s or do I have to go in and find it? Same goes for the JS handles. Also, is there a fade in option for the background image? Thanks.

Would you mind submitting this question through our Help Center. I need our lead developer to address this.

The last question i can answer. Yes, there is a fade background transition option.

Is there an update for WP 4.3?

this plugin works on wp4.3!

Good you found the plugin causing the conflict with WP 4.3 and Custom Backgrounds. If you submit a ticket at our Help Center we can review, but I would also suggest to contact the author of the plugin that causes the conflict.

done. thank you

Pre purchase Question Is the plugin working with WP 4.3 ?

Yes it works with WordPress 4.3.x

Never use this plugin if you care about your SEO. It re-writes all url causing the search engine to stop analyse your pages : all your site’s page are viewed like re-direction. The reason ? a (crappy/lazy/stupid) code that write a cookie for some schedule / region code feature (useless by the way). Once I installed it, my ranking went down, my site-link vanished (first problem in 3 years of existence). Do yourself a favor, don’t use it ! and I give you a bonus : as it uses CSS classes to place backgrounds, depending on your template, you will have an image splitted in background, or floating image over the original background of wordpress.

Did you get the wrong foot out of bed today? There is absolutely no reason for your rant. You could just submit a question if there is something you don’t understand.

If you look at this page http://plugins.righthere.com/custom-backgrounds/multiple-schedule/ – it uses the jQuery Background Stretcher with multiple scheduled backgrounds. This means you can schedule a background to show at a specific time of the day.

In order to display the correct background at the right time of the day the plugin sets a time zone cookie. However if you do not use this feature you can easily disable in the Advanced Settings


E.g. if you visit the site at 8am (20:00) at night it will show the corresponding background set for this time.

Sunset 08:00pm – 09:00pm (20:00 – 21:00)

Or if you visit the site in the morning at Sunrise 05:00am – 06:00am

Again if you do not use the special type of background turn off the cookie.

About your other complaint about splitting backgrounds and floating background. Our plugin allow you to add backgrounds to ANY layer in your website – it if your own fault if you do not assign the background to the correct layer. If your theme has its own backgrounds you of course need to disable this background first. However if you assign the background to the same jquery selector you should not have multiple layers of backgrounds.

If you have any questions or concerns please submit a ticket at our Help Center. I’m sorry for your frustration, but there is no reason for your rant against our plugin.

Have a great weekend!

can i apply link in custom background?

for example background ads. http://wordpress-advertising.com/background-ad/

Yes you can apply a link to the background.

Hello. I hav no try this on several themes i use from themes forest like Enfold , Betheme etc. but it is not working at all…. i can not view any background image and eather the lookup works on any of the themes i have try!

Thank you for buying the plugin. I have just tested it with Enfold theme and it works fine. Please submit a ticket at Help Center so we can review your site.

Any reason why plugin version 3.1.9 rev32234 would stop working with wordpress version 4.4.2? After the latest wordpress update the image disappears after I upload it and it’s not possible to adjust the settings under the jquery stretcher? basically not working at all? Thanks in advance

Thank you. We will take a look at this asap.

The WordPress SEO plugin is causing two javascript errors I’ve asked our lead developer to reveiw this

wp-seo-admin-media-302.min.js?ver=3.0.7:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘frames’ of undefined wp-seo-post-scraper-305.min.js?ver=3.0.7:1 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘callbacks’ of undefined

Hi, Can i have a clickable background image with your plugin. For example : http://wordpress-advertising.com/background-ad/ Thank your four answer Regards

I would like to have responsive background. Where are the options and setting for jQuery Background Stretcher?

Thx, BR

Thank you for buying the plugin. After you have added your background image you get this


You select which type of background you want to create.

And then you get general settings for the type of background \\

And then you click the Image Background Selector to choose where you want the background to appear



Great plugin and of a HQ as per usual with all of your plugins.

One question – does the plugin support video like e.g. http://codecanyon.net/item/ultimate-media-background-for-wordpress/11712749 ?

From reading the comments, there was an intention to include video capability a while ago but could not see if that had been added as a feature to the latest version.

Many thanks,


Thank you for buying the plugin. This was actually the first plugin we released on Codecanyon. We have continuously updated it so it works on the latest WordPress. However we have not added any new features for a long time. It it on our todo list to give it a overhaul.

Hello! pre sale question: does this plugin support full screen, fixed and responsive background?I have a BG image that, on the top, has a drawing that must fit with website logo in the header (center). actually, without your plugin and w/ some css adjustment, the bg image looks ok in home page, but for some other pages with more content the bg looks bigger..pls let me know if you also need demo access to the website to check, but before purchasing the plugin i want to be sure that I can achieve the goal.thanks!!!

You can access the demo and play around with it on plugins.righthere.com/wp-login.php

Username: DemoUser Password: TryMeNow

Go to the Backgrounds menu.

You can download this guide on how to use the plugin http://cloud.righthere.com/170J281m2Q1T


Any update ? does it support the last version of WordPress or this plugin is too old ?

Thank you

It is “old”, but it still does the job and it is compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Devs,

I’m upgrading to PHP 7 and this plugin is throwing 13 warnings. Mainly “Use of deprecated PHP4 style class constructor is not supported since PHP 7”

Any chance you will be updating this plugin anytime soon?

We used ‘PHP Compatibility Checker’ plugin to analyze all of our plugins

I’m really sorry for the inconvenience. We actually have an update performed last year that was never released. And it should add PHP7 compatibility. I can send you this immediately if you submit a ticket at our Help Center. I will also make sure that it gets submitted to Codecanyon, but please notice that it will take between 48-72 hours before it is available.