Discussion on Custom Background and Banner for WooCommerce

Discussion on Custom Background and Banner for WooCommerce

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I am very upset with this purchase. It is been 5 days since I wrote to the support team and I am still waiting for the reply. The banner function it is not working, it just uploads a background image for the pages but not the banner. And anyway it is not what I needed to solve the issue I was facing but still, I bought it and I would like at least a reply or to know why it is not properly working.

Hi, did you submit a Ticket at ? what is your Ticket number please ?

Support Ticket Opened [#334241] 8 days ago But I already solved what I was looking for but still your plugin is not working. Not banner showing up in my categories, just the background page option working.

Hi, I just checked this Ticket number and I can see, our team requested for your information from you to help you and since then there is no reply back from you. Please login to the Ticket system and send reply to that Ticket, our support team will be more than happy to help you. No worries please.

Does the plugin support multi vendors like Dokan?

It works with woocmmerce. So, you need to think woocommerce point of view . Thanks.

youre ticked support doenst work i need help background isnt showing on my website

Please email to if you are having any issue with our Ticket system

The image of the category shows it to me on the products next to the right lateral section, at the same level. He does not show it to me in the header of the page on page control. What should I do to show it correctly according to how it is shown in the demo of your plugin?

We use the Flatsome theme


Please submit your issue details and access information in a Ticket at and our support team will help you out.

Thanks Nasif

Hi, The plugin is compatible with woocommerce version 3.4.3 ?

Yes and we provide support for this plugin for your convenience.

I bought the plugin but it does not work …

Please make sure to submit a Ticket at and follow up there, our support team will directly help you through ticket system.

Hi, I would like to set an a color (not image) for an specific category and their child categorys. Is that posible with the plugin?


This plugin works with Background Image, so please use an Image with your preferred color. Thanks.

Hi, I’ve bought, installed the plugin, and creat image background on both category and product. But it doesn’t display.

Thanks for the purchase. Please submit your issue details, site FTP and Admin access information in a Ticket at

HI ! I actually did create an account before to post my comment and I didn’t receive the email confirmation. So I couldn’t sign in to open a ticket. I have check spam emails in case but nothing.

Ah okay, please email to with the necessary access information and your issue details.

Hello, is it possible to hide the background when you are viewing the web on a tablet or on a mobile?

you can modify the code to do so. Feel free to contact us to

Hi, you can change the background position. I would like the images to be placed center-top, is it possible?

Thanks for asking, it will require to modify in the code specifically for your site.

pair future updates would be fine a small panel where you can set the position of the image

Thank you so much for the suggestion, we shall keep it in mind.

dos the banner take the full width of the browser even the category page has sidebar, meant to say does it show under header or above content only? I am looking for something to show under header taking the full width of the page!!

Having an issue. Uploaded a banner on the product page and its not showing . The same goes for the background image. Already sent you an email to login and fix it. Pls ASAP!!! Thanks!

Hi There,

Ha ha ha. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Yes, that feature is already there. Please check the Ticket. Our team has already informed you that the Banner image is showing for your products too. Please check and confirm.

Best Regards Nasif



There is a huge amount of space between the banner and the header!!! Just fix this so I can leave you guys alone. Click on the image to see the actual white space


After fixing I will leave you a 5 star rating and praise review

Hi, actually, our plugin looks for the correct Hook and places the Banner accordingly. And it was your theme, which had that extra white space as per its design. So, resolving such theme issue was beyond our item support, however our team has jumped into it and resolved it for your site.

We will appreciate your love and care for us :)

Feel Free to check our other items too :

Kind Regards Nasif

The Plugin works as expected, however it is inserting a Div-Tag into the HTML Header-Tag which isn’t W3C compliant and a bad practice by the way. Please improve this in a future version.

Thank you so much for the purchase and confirmation that this item works as expected. Please feel free to email our team at to suggest better approach to implement the expected features. Cheers (Y)

I just bought your plugin but I upload custom image for my category it doesn’t show. So as product page.

Please submit a Ticket with your issue details, site FTP and Admin access information at

Hi. Is this plugin work auto after admin setting, then in add new product, the background will auto understand due to product basic catalog. I use wcmarketplace. I don’t want user allow choose background in add new product. Is it exactly how your plugin work?

Hi Julia, Sorry, you need to set the background manually for each item. You can contact with us for any custom solution though.

Hi! I hope you have the answer. In the examples I have seen the banner perfectly but my question is that In the left part a column filter. I’d like to know in which part will be the banner. Will be just above the products or wil that be above the column filter.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello Presale..

Does it only work, if you have set a shop up, with product categories? Or will it work, if the shop is setted up with pages and a shortcode?

This plugin work with the default woocommerce process. Im not sure what sort of implementation do you have and why should you use the shortcode for products.

You dont understand? All right. I use pages in wordpress with Woocommerce. example: New page – Call it “Shoes” – shortcode ex “[product_category category=”shoes” per_page=”200” columns=”4” orderby=”date” order=”desc”]

So I show my products with shortcodes. Does the plugin works with that?

sorry, in that case we shall have to perform custom development for your site at additional cost.

Hi there,

I have a large store with over 10,000 products and 1500 categories.

The 1500 categories are divided under 8 main categories.

I want to know if your plugin is capable of accomplishing the following:

Set image/background for top level category – /top-a/ and now I want that all the categories under /top-a/ should also inherit the same settings as /top-a/ which means any category /top-a/sub-a/sub-b/ will have the same background as top-a and so would the products under these categories.

Because we have so many categories, it is not feasible for us to configure each and every single category.

Is this inheritance supported?

Thanks, Rob

Hi, is someone going to reply? Is this a reflection of your general support? I hope not!

We shall have to perform custom development to implement such feature at additional development cost.


If I set a background image for a category, should all products within that category then have the same background?


Maybe change your demo then so that all products have different background images to the category they’re in. That way it won’t mislead people into thinking your plugin does something it doesn’t.

If people want different bg images they still can BUT.. it makes perfect sense to inherit the category bg, then if users want to change it for individual products they can do. That way, at least they’re not stuck with no background at all.

The plugin just doesn’t make sense, sorry.

The review is for the product itself and it’s lack of what should be a very basic feature..


I just checked, just to make sure I was right here. Please explain to me, why do all the products on the demo have the same background image as the category they’re in?

Can you not see how this will mislead people?

Did it not occur to you whilst creating the demo that what you were doing was very time consuming, having to add the same bg image to every product?

Anyway, i’m done. I’ll be sure to avoid your other plugins in future.

Its just set by the Demo setup team for quick setup and it is clearly mentioned in the documentation that you can upload and set background for each product details page (, we have Never mentioned that it will ever use the same category background image for product page.


I’m running into an issue to where I cannot set the height of the banner. There is no height option like there is in your documentation screenshot. And my theme is setting the height/width to 100%.

the banner takes the full area of the banner container div, as it is responsive.

Hi! we are interested in your plugin, but would like to find out: is it possible to add a banner to a single product page? (not a background, but a banner). We need a big fulscreen custom banner on top of every single product page.

We can perform custom development at additional cost to implement the Banner feature at product details page. You can email us for a quote.


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