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Having an issue. Uploaded a banner on the product page and its not showing . The same goes for the background image. Already sent you an email to login and fix it. Pls ASAP!!! Thanks!

Hi There,

Ha ha ha. Sorry for my misunderstanding. Yes, that feature is already there. Please check the Ticket. Our team has already informed you that the Banner image is showing for your products too. Please check and confirm.

Best Regards Nasif



There is a huge amount of space between the banner and the header!!! Just fix this so I can leave you guys alone. Click on the image to see the actual white space


After fixing I will leave you a 5 star rating and praise review

Hi, actually, our plugin looks for the correct Hook and places the Banner accordingly. And it was your theme, which had that extra white space as per its design. So, resolving such theme issue was beyond our item support, however our team has jumped into it and resolved it for your site.

We will appreciate your love and care for us :)

Feel Free to check our other items too : https://codecanyon.net/user/wpproducts/portfolio

Kind Regards Nasif


besfe70 Purchased

dos the banner take the full width of the browser even the category page has sidebar, meant to say does it show under header or above content only? I am looking for something to show under header taking the full width of the page!!


idjego Purchased

Hi, you can change the background position. I would like the images to be placed center-top, is it possible?

Thanks for asking, it will require to modify in the code specifically for your site.


idjego Purchased

pair future updates would be fine a small panel where you can set the position of the image

Thank you so much for the suggestion, we shall keep it in mind.

Hello, is it possible to hide the background when you are viewing the web on a tablet or on a mobile?

you can modify the code to do so. Feel free to contact us to developers@solvercircle.com


Yogiboo Purchased

Hi, I’ve bought, installed the plugin, and creat image background on both category and product. But it doesn’t display.