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Nice job mate . good luck

thank’s ;)

very nice work, good job! all the best for your sales ;)

thank’s ;)

we do not provide demo apk You can see it in the video preview

Is the bbdoc file added in purchased file?

yes bbdoc including

Hi , import android studio?

for now buildbox not support android studio

Very interested to buy this game. Is reskinning required to publish it?

This requires a reskin if you need reskin. due to a design that is not in PlayStore and appstore

Can i have demo apk ?

sorry we do not provide demo you can see our application through video games

hello , can i import it in eclipse ?

yes Includes Eclipse project..

Work on Android Studio?

Not Work for android studio.. Eclipse Only

not work correctly

see agen your application in buildbox is not correctly

Hi, I just purchased your game and opened it in buildbox but game is not playable. the character just jumps by itself and nothing happens. I have been using Buildbox for some time so I know the software but this game template is problamatic and sorry to say that I feel cheated. I really would like a refund. Thank You.

This template is only supported with version 1.3.7 buildbox

Hi excuse me but in explanation you said it is for Buildbox 1 and 2. I don’t have Buildbox 1. The explanation is misleading. I have appealed a refund of my money at Envato Dashboard already. Please refund my money back.

Hii.. Does the template support s buildbox 2???