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Click demo or the link in the description!

Demo apk nor working.

What device did you try? It works fine on my Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One M7 and Moto X

Maybe you should try on a real device, it may have something to do with storing a xml file to the sdcard/internal memory. I am not sure

Brazilian Real (BRL) is supported yes!

Hello Borni, Does this app use any currency conversion api? If yes, the api is free?

Yahoo finance, yes it is free.

Is app build with Android Studio or Eclipse IDE?


Eclipse. Thanks.

Hi there,

APK file not working (so it installs but when wanting to open the app it closes right away):

Motorola Moto G (2nd Generation) using Android 4.4.4

Please let me know, Peter

Your demo APK does NOT work, we are trying on real devices, same problem everyone tld you, it installs but closes when tried to open it!

Are you really supporting this app? if yes, then reply to our concerns.

If the DEMO doesn’t work, then how can we buy the app.


I am interested in this app, Are you still supporting this app?

The app still works.