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New version is available now!

How can I get the new version? The one I purchased has stopped working. My programmer says: “The conversion data is coming from google. Google has changed conversion result format so the Regular Expression used to retrieve data from conversion result is inappropriate now ”.

I re-downloaded the zip from my purchase account and we reinstalled and it still does not work.

Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You developer is right, but if you download the newest version, that one should work. I’ve just tested it out on my local server.

Do I have to pay again for the newest version?

I re-downloaded from My Acccount and that download seems to be the same as the first time I purchased it.

Via My Account > Download you can download the latest version. You don’t need to pay again for this.

Thanks for your response, I did pay for another download and would appreciate a refund.

You can send an email to


Is there a way to add another currency to the list? Otherwise its a cool script!!

Hello, what api do you use.

Hello…. Just a quick question: Is there a way to round-up or simply remove the 2 digits decimals in the end? Also how can I translate the currency code into other languages?

Line 39: include(’......\currencyconverter.php’); Line 40: $CurrencyConverter = new CurrencyConverter();

“Warning: Missing argument 1 for CurrencyConverter::__construct(), called in …...\product.php on line 40 and defined in …...\CurrencyConverter.php on line 242”

“Notice: Undefined variable: cache_file in …...\currencyconverter\php\CurrencyConverter.php on line 244”

Line 140: echo $CurrencyConverter->convert(500, “EUR”, “USD”);

“Fatal error: Class ‘Exceptioin’ not found in …...\CurrencyConverter.php on line 271”

Can I update it manually? I will need to do it manually as I have my own rates.

It could be via xml, or via a CSV file uploaded to the server.


How hard would it be to translate it? I am familiar only with basic coding, use mainly wordpress. There it is very easy, just have to translate two files – .po and .mo.

This Author is no longer around.

For people who faced problems with this class. for this error : Warning: Missing argument 1 for CurrencyConverter

You have to use cache file, it seems mandatory. $CurrencyConverter = new CurrencyConverter(‘currency.cache’);

and the other STRANGE error : Fatal error: Class ‘Exceptioin’ not found

in the documentation the example is: echo $CurrencyConverter->convert(500, “EUR”, “USD”);

but the right one is to put the value in the last, like : echo $CurrencyConverter->convert( “EUR”, “USD”, 500);

that worked for me.

Can you kindly explain in non-geek language for non-programming people like me, how to include this script in my html page?

I am trying to understand your installation in the Documentation but I can’t understand anything!

Thank you

Hi does this allow me to set a default currency? Thanks


Just downloaded latest package from my account, While trying to run this on local server I am getting following Notices and Warnings, no result shown.

Notice: Undefined variable: parts in …....\currency\CurrencyConverter.php on line 375

Notice: Undefined variable: parts in …....\currency\CurrencyConverter.php on line 375

Warning: Division by zero in …....\currency\CurrencyConverter.php on line 287

same is the case when I uncomment ‘echo $CurrencyConverter->convert(“USD”, “EUR”, “1500”);’ in example file

Notice: Undefined variable: parts in ….\currency\CurrencyConverter.php on line 375

Warning: Division by zero in …....\currency\CurrencyConverter.php on line 287

Hi, Is this script still working ? The demo is not giving any result ! Thanks

Preview page doesn`t convert any thing. What I am doing wrong?